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Posted byHS Senior5 months ago

Northeastern applicant number

Just copped a fat L from northeastern, but had some info to pass on. In the email they stated they had over 33,000 EA/ED applicants so the acceptance rate will likely continue to lower below their rate of 19% last year

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Stats? And I’m sorry for what happen, I hope u get into ur second choice

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HS SeniorOriginal Poster6 points · 5 months ago

32 ACT (33 ss) GPA is a 3.2 uw with explained extenuating circumstances for a 2.5 freshman year, junior year gpa was a 3.9 uw.

for ec’s I’m a shift manager at a pizza place Self started t shirt printing company

100+ hours of community service as a rotary board member

And some other stuff

Really good essay I think and pretty good recommendations

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That’s what’s gonna continue to happen since they use the common app and have no supplement. I know I was gonna apply there anyways but some of my friends just threw it in the mix due to not having to do any extra work

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I too was rejected by Northeastern, sounds like they were not having it this year.

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Screenshot please

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HS Senior1 point · 5 months ago

I applied early action. I think I have a good chance of getting in but I'm super nervous

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Same I’m super scared now. When do EA results come out too

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HS Senior1 point · 5 months ago

By feb 1st but I heard people saying January 15th

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Damn, sorry man that’s tough. If you don’t mind me asking, did you do a tour at the NEU campus?

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