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Hey guys, what are your "go to" recipes for impressing girls?

EDIT: If you've got pictures, those would be great to show!

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A pound of confidence mixed with an ounce of nervousness.

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What exactly would confidence mean? I seem to act arrogant instead of confident when I try to.

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A guy making me something to eat? Hell, I'd be impressed with grilled cheese.

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I agree completely with this.

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Are men that can cook really that rare?

Honestly, I know as many men who are able in the kitchen as women, and the majority of culinary students at my school are men.

Also, to all you saying you're impressed by toast... Well I don't have anything witty, but that's kinda sad.

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1 point · 6 years ago

Hey I make a mean brownie! I love cooking and baking.

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I'll cook you some grilled cheese when the bread I am baking is ready for slicing.

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Literally the best news I've heard in a while.

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Hell yeah. Grilled cheese with some of that guoda oh hell yeah.

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The same could be said about women cooking for men.

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8 points · 6 years ago

If she likes seafood: Shallow-fried salmon with ground nori seaweed on the skin, king prawns, mango salsa and cucumber and lychee salad.

If she doesn't like seafood: Butterflied leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary, decadent mashed potato and either roast or steamed vegetables.

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Color me impressed. Both sound tasty but the seafood option sounds amazing.

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2 points · 6 years ago

Well as impressive as it sounds it's honestly really easy!

The salmon is just large fillets fried in a pan with tons of butter and some garlic, then ground up nori seaweed, paint the salmon skin with egg white and stick the nori to it.

The prawns are just fried in the butter/garlic mix too.

The mango salsa is here.

The cucumber and lychee salad is here.

If you ever need to blow someone's pants off it really does the trick!

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If you ever need to blow someone's pants off it really does the trick!

Must...not..make inappropriate jokes...>_>

But in all seriousness thank you for the links! I'm definitely making that cucumber and lychee salad because it sounds delicious. :3

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6 points · 6 years ago

White bread, sugar, cinnamon, butter, and a toaster.

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I'm not even trying to be funny. It is easy to make and tastes amazing.

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I didn't think you were. Cinnamon toast is amazing but it gets cold kind of quickly so you gotta eat it really fast!

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For dessert: flan or creme brulee (go with the creme brulee if making the caramel for the flan is scary for you). It's easy to make if you're marginally capable in the kitchen, and it looks and tastes very fancy. You can also make them the day before, so it's one less thing to worry about if you're cooking a whole dinner.


  • Small saucepan or medium-sized stainless steel skillet

  • Wooden spoon

  • Larger saucepan that can hold the milk and eggs

  • Whisk if you're fancy, fork if you're not

  • Bowls for mixing various things

  • Porcelain or bakeable container that looks like it could be a flan mold. These are awesome. In a pinch you can actually use a loaf pan but it'll be tricky to remove the flan if you're only cooking for two. I've actually also done it in a glass pie dish but you risk not cooking the inside fully. MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE NO DROPLETS OF WATER OR DIRT INSIDE.

  • A container that is slightly larger than what you will be pouring the flan into, and that is deep enough to come up to at least the level that the flan will reach. I'll explain later.


  • 3 cups whole milk (you can add cream if you like)

  • 6 eggs (add up to 4 egg yolks if you want it to be thicker and more custard-like, but I prefer without)

  • 1.5 cups sugar

  • 1.5 tsp vanilla


  • 1-1.5 cups sugar

  • A little bit of water, just enough to moisten the sugar all the way through.

Caramel and Prep:

  1. Set your oven to 375 F.

  2. If you've never done this before, the caramel is the scariest part, but you'll feel like a badass when you finish it. Take your skillet or small saucepan and add the caramel ingredients to it. Set it on medium-high heat and keep a very close eye on the pan: the sugar will dissolve into the water and begin to boil. The instant you see color develop, start stirring and distributing around. It'll start to smoke a little bit: this is normal, it's the sugar caramelizing. You're going for a very specific point of color, where it gets a shade or two darker than you're used to caramel getting but NOT BURNING IT. If you burn it you have to start over.

  3. The very instant you get that darker-than-normal caramel color, pull that pan off the heat and pour the caramel so that it coats the bottom of your molds. If there are droplets of anything in there the caramel will sputter and spray and you could burn yourself. You can put the pan away now and set the molds to the side.

The Flan:

  1. Heat the milk in the saucepan till it gets warm (but not boiling) and add the vanilla, sugar, stir till the sugar dissolves.

  2. Beat the eggs and pour the milk into them. Stir well until you have a nice creamy liquid.

  3. Pour the flan liquid into the caramel-coated molds. Cover the molds with tinfoil.

  4. Set the molds into the larger container and fill water around them until the water level reaches 1/2-3/4 up the level of the flan liquid. If your container is much bigger than your molds you might want to pre-heat the water a little or your flans will take a long time to cook.

  5. Stick the whole thing in the oven! Leave it in there for 45min and then check by sticking a knife blade into the flan; if it comes out clean, it's done.

  6. Remove the molds from the water and stick them in the fridge to cool for at least a couple of hours.


To serve man flan, take the still-covered molds out of the fridge right when you're ready to serve. Use a butter knife and slip it around the edges of your mold to unstick the flan from the walls. Take a plate and put it topside-down against the top of your flan mold. Then, holding mold against plate, flip the whole thing upside down~~--~~the flan will fall out of the mold onto the plate, with delicious liquid caramel pooling around it. It looks fancy as hell and is very delicious. The image in the link is the last flan I made, and it's actually the worst-looking (but only photographed) one I've done.

Creme Brulee:

Not too different but recipes are easier to find online so you can do that yourself. Naysayers will say you need a blowtorch for the caramel top but they just hatin', you can totally do that with an oven broiler.

Source: Family's Argentinian. If you can find dulce de leche to serve with it you will be a balla.

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Original Poster2 points · 6 years ago

Very informative and delicious looking! Thank you!

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This seems a little to try-hard for me. Keep it simple, spend more attention on them then on the food.

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The perfect scrambled eggs.

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1 point · 6 years ago

Creme Brulee. Easy as hell to make. The melting of the sugar makes it seem way more impressive.

It is a really easy dessert to make.

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1 point · 6 years ago

Biscuits and gravy.

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Posted this in another thread, but you can have it too

Chicken Marsala


1 or 2 Chicken Breasts, depending on how much you want

Some flour

Olive oil

2 slices of bacon

Package of musrooms

An onion

Some garlic

A bottle of cooking wine (it's supposed to be Marsala wine, but who cares?)

  1. Cut the mushrooms in half. Dice the onion. Mince the garlic (or just use a garlic press). Slice the bacon into thin strips. Set all this aside, maybe put the bacon back in the fridge until you need it.

  2. Cut up your chicken. I do slices, about 1/4" thick, but whatever, who cares.

  3. Mix about 1/3 cup flour with salt and pepper.

  4. Get a big pan going on about medium heat. Add enough olive oil to just cover the bottom of the pan.

  5. Toss a few pieces of chicken at a time into the flour mixture, and when the olive oil is just starting to smoke put the chicken in the pan. Cook for about 4-5 min. each side. You want them golden brown and cooked through.

  6. When all the chicken is done, set them aside and turn down the pan a little. Not quite medium-low, but lower than medium...

  7. Toss the bacon strips into the pan (keep all the grease and chicken bits that are in there, that shits the flavor!) and cook until mostly crispy.

  8. Drain about half the bacon grease, or don't. Toss the mushrooms, onion, and garlic in the pan and sprinkle a tbsp of flour on top. Mix around.

  9. Don't touch this too much. Let it do it's thing. When you do stir it, you should have a nice golden crisp on the bottom every time. If you don't, let it sit longer between stirring.

  10. This shit is ready when the onions have all cooked through and your mushrooms are a lot smaller and golden brown and delicious.

  11. Now, dump most/all of the wine in the pan and turn it on high. Let the alcohol boil out for a few minutes. Turn it back down to medium low when the wine becomes a uniform light brown color.

  12. Put the chicken back in the pan while the sauce finishes up. Add a little pepper. Let the sauce cook and reduce until it is the consistency you want, not too thick, but it should "hold" to the chicken.

  13. Shit's done. Top with some parsley and eat that shit.

So that's more instructions than I thought it would be...but don't let it intimidate you. It's really easy. Fry chicken, and then throw shit in the pan for an awesome sauce.

And be warned, made right, this will make girls touch your junk. They can't help it, shits good.


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