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I have a question for/abuot Jewish people

My question is why are Jewish people so (lack of better word) greedy with there money? I worked as a valet last night for a Jewish fundraiser and was told that these events the people tip well. Well I made ten buck on tips on 7 cars and these were nice cars, Lexus, jags, porche, infinities.

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Is it possible that you just suck at customer service?

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2 points · 6 years ago

I think this is the correct answer

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Who else guessed with 100% accuracy that the "question about jewish people" was going to be "I FUCKING HATE JEWS"?

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Jew here. There are greedy Jews, but Jews as a whole aren't greedy. There are tons of Jews who give massive amounts to charities. You likely got unlucky and had an abnormal amount of greedy people. I think its easier to see Jews as being greedy because the stereotype already exists. It exists, by the way, because Christians were not allowed to lend money in the Middle Ages, but there was no such law on Jews.

You sounds pretty ignorant, by the way. I'd work on that.

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4 points · 6 years ago

$1 to $2 for parking a car. Sounds about right.

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I've taken time from counting my gold to address your question. You think Jews are greedy about money? As a Jew, I can honestly say that some are greedy when it comes to customer service, but not money itself.

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Well. I'm not Jewish and I'm not greedy with my money, but, I rarely carry cash.

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