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Posted byWest Park6 years ago

What is the least expensive/best quality internet provider in n.e.ohio?

i din't want a 'bundle', don't want cable tv, just internet. i'm not a gamer and don't need more than a way to get online, nothing fancy.

edit: thank you everyone for the replies. i'll do the checking next :)

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Well, it doesn't matter who is best, it matters who provides in your area. I have Time Warner, and I've had no issues.

Edit: Live near Coventry.

Edit Edit: Did flair disappear?

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Time Warner/ Roadrunner, 'bout $25 for their lowest tier It was $20 special for 6 months or a year then they added modem rental.

AFAIK it's still faster than a dsl line through the phone co.

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I've had both Time Warner and AT&T (U-verse) for just Internet (5-7 Mbps). Both were fine overall. Time Warner had some outages over 4 years that lasted over a day. AT&T was incompetent getting someone over to hook up my service (took 3 tries before the tech showed up), and some friends have had issues with the billing department.

Cost-wise, both were similar during the 1st year. Time Warner got much more expensive after the new subscriber deal ran out, AT&T less so. I'm told that if you call to cancel, the retention department will offer you the deal for another year. Or you can swap between companies.

Currently, I'm on Time Warner via work, which provides a good deal, and I've had no issues in the last 10 months, other than a minor billing glitch that got sorted out quickly over the phone.

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I have AT&T - for internet ONLY I pay about $24 per month. It is the middle-of-the-road plan, I believe (no gaming, just lots of surfing and Netflixing). I got $10 off per month for the first year and since I'm only in Cleveland for one year it seems to be working out well so far.

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Checkout for reviews of various providers. Neo is mostly time Warner, uverse, wow, with some cox.

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what a stupid novelty account... do you really have nothing better to do with your time?

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