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I just woke up from a interesting dream about weddings and "war".

This si my first time posting so yeah..

"(text)" = Thought i had with in the dream.

"[text]" = info about myself or fact irl.

it was a day of summer, i was going to be at my own wedding [im currently 16 and i do not have a girlfriend] which was going to be at the side of a road close a giant sort of roman temple but it was an actually hotel, once we got there i got saw my bride (she sort of look like Jennifer Aniston)[no idea why, i have seen some of her movies but never felt attracted to her], we start unloading all the wedding stuff, tents buffet and what not when all the sudden a plane [now that i remember it looked like a Hurricane on fire.] everybody saw it but no one did anything (it seem like something common) the days goes on and i go to sleep with what now is my wife [the wedding itself happen really fast, it sort of fast forward all of that] it was very early in the morning and i hear a explosion outside and i go to look, as soon as i look i see a giant bright line [ Very much like the lights doctors use to take X-rays of thew body] that is going over a near shelter, moment after booms fell and the shelter blows up in flames. I start sprinting out of the hotel [me alone] and i see other people getting light up by the same line and soon after be explored by the bombs [at this point my brain decides it would be a good idea to switch perspectives so it puts me on the seat of the gunner of the bombers and i see the booms drop, then im back again to myself, i keep on running away from the bright line to a nearby forest.

Then i woke up.

Thank you for reading, if you know about dream i would like to know why did my brain made this odd changes on what looked like a slow dream?

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