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Game Day Talk | Oilers v. Canadiens | 3 February 2019

馃晼 TIME: 12:00 MT

馃寪 VENUE: Bell Centre, Montreal QC

馃摗 TV: SN

This is a thread for general discussion about today's game. Any and all observations, opinions, questions, shitposts, memes, and other random nonsense are welcome.

To encourage ongoing discussion, this thread is organized by new.

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level 1
0 points2 months ago

Oilers suck

level 1

Two god damn games where we blow a fucking lead going into third like a fucking cheap hooker looking for some crack money

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55 LETESTU2 points2 months ago

Whatever, every team loses 5 in a row, it's normal. We will bounce back and beat the Hawks on Tuesday, we are due

level 2
43 CURRIE2 points2 months ago

At least we've been getting points for OT. That has to count for something.

level 3
74 BEAR1 point2 months ago

Yes. For half in fact!

level 1
93 NUGENT-HOPKINS1 point2 months ago


level 1
2 points2 months ago

If only we had a little depth. Can't even produce two lines in 3 on 3.

level 2
43 CURRIE2 points2 months ago

I was confused at how Russel and Chiasson were on the ice that quickly for but then I remembered Klefbom and Sekera are out and the water's barely past our ankles to begin with.

level 3

It hurts that when the mighty two need a break, we respond with Chaisson and Russell. Can't wait for Klefbom to return

level 3
97 MCDAVID1 point2 months ago

Why was Chiasson taking the faceoff in the first place?

level 4
2 points2 months ago

Pretty much any other Oiler please

level 1


level 1
12 CAVE8 points2 months ago

Running out of people to fire

level 1
5 points2 months ago

Russell, I dont put the one on yesterday on you, but what the hell was that?

level 2

Yesterday was a bit great okay, today he got straight up beat. He鈥檚 gonna be feeling pretty bad.

level 1

Fuck sakes.

level 1

Lol. Just lol. I have nothing to say anymore about this team.

level 1
98 PULJUJARVI3 points2 months ago

chaisson in OT? really?

level 1
12 CAVE5 points2 months ago

We've even quit managing to snatch those OT wins... :(

level 1
89 GAGNER-1 points2 months ago

suck my cunt

level 1
27 LUCIC2 points2 months ago


level 2
93 NUGENT-HOPKINS1 point2 months ago


level 3
1 point2 months ago


level 1

Even the biggest Russell fan knows his game is not built well for 3 on 3. That's poor coaching

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