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Game Day Talk | Devils v. Oilers | 13 March 2019

馃晼 TIME: 7:30 MT

馃寪 VENUE: Rogers Place, Edmonton AB

馃摗 TV: SN1

This is a thread for general discussion about today's game. Any and all observations, opinions, questions, shitposts, memes, and other random nonsense are welcome.

To encourage ongoing discussion, this thread is organized by new.

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level 1

This is embarrassing. We just lost to another AHL squad

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44 KASSIAN3 points2 months ago

馃槩oiler tears

level 1

Could we maybe shoot the puck?

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19 KOSKINEN-2 points2 months ago

I blame lucic. Can we just scratch the guy already.

level 1

This team is an embarrassment to the fucking NHL.

Good god.

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16 KHAIRA4 points2 months ago


level 1

Wonder what goalie we can get for lucic?

Triple A minor second string?

Maybe I鈥檓 being hopeful

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44 KASSIAN9 points2 months ago

I think I鈥檝e counted five posts tonight

level 2
97 MCDAVID4 points2 months ago

We're going postal tonight boys

level 3
44 KASSIAN3 points2 months ago

So are some of our fans by the looks of it

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It's amazing how many scoring chances we get but seem to miss every single time we shoot the puck.

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2 points2 months ago

Loilty Baby!! come on boys lets do this!!

level 1

I wonder if we can even make the AHL playoffs

level 2
3 points2 months ago

The AHL team is first in the Pacific Division. I would make the assumption adding McDavid and Draisatl alone would improve them to first in the league.

level 1

People are flooding out of Rogers Place. Brutal game by the goalies

level 2
44 KASSIAN7 points2 months ago

Not often are loses directly on a goalie, but man this is an exception

level 1

Wow, fuck these people. They are just collecting a pay cheque.

level 1

So many power plays!

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44 KASSIAN1 point2 months ago

We鈥檝e had some terrible puck luck tonight, my god

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4 HALL8 points2 months ago

We DESERVE to miss the playoffs for this game. Fuck this

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12 CAVE7 points2 months ago

Well, that's that. We're not making playoff going by the last two games.

Also lmao @ McDavid trying to give Klef a speed boost with his stick.

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