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Question re: Men’s Basketball’s Fan Support Problem

I don’t understand the comments that I’ve seen on this sub a few times recently about fan support being a major part of the men’s basketball team problem. These gentlemen, both Frank and the players, are part of this team for one reason - to win with integrity. From my perspective, these guys should be giving their best effort every day, even if the stands are near empty. The ladies did that under Dawn’s leadership and they earned the fans’ time and money. We came to their games and set attendance records. Now that the men aren’t earning our time and money, people on this sub are saying that we owe it to them or we should expect the poor play to continue. I don’t buy that philosophy.

Don’t get me wrong, I get that a cheering full house adds some energy to the play and even helps them get into the zone but I think that adds 5-10% to their game. It doesn’t take them from bad/mediocre play to a good team. That’s driven by talent, coaching, and effort.

I’m also not saying we should be fair weather fans. I want the teams to win, I wear my Gamecock logo proudly, and I’ll watch them on TV when I can. But I’m a hell of a lot less inclined to spend my money and a whole night of my time to go watch a game of players who are underperforming.

TL;DR - I love my Gamecocks but I’m tired of fans shitting on other fans as an excuse for the team’s poor performance. I’m no expert here. I’m just sharing my opinion and welcome other thoughts on how I might be wrong. Fuck Clemson.

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It's early season OOC since when have we EVER had CLA more than 50% attendance before the Clemson game?

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We've haven't had a losing OOC record going into league play since 1999

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I think the fan support can and should be better, but I agree that you can't just blame the fans for the poor performance. I've been to nearly every home game for the last 6 years and I've screamed myself hoarse, heckled players and coaches, and done everything I can to support our guys, but it doesn't do any good. The fans can put things over the top, but they can't fix the foundation. This year against Wofford for example, we go extended stretches playing god awful but we kept pulling back. We finally go on a run and the crowd starts to get into it and.... we immediately fall apart and give up several big 3s and a dunk, while missing every shot we take. This is definitely not a new or one time thing. I can't remember how many times I've seen something similar.

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I agree. We shouldn’t be fair weather fans but you can’t be surprised that attendance is down when the team is losing to DII schools. Even women’s attendance is down a bit since they aren’t top 4 like usual.

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I went to games under Darren Horn when we were equally (maybe more) awful and the stadium was empty. I did it because I like basketball and I wanted to cheer on my team. I didn't care that pretty much no one else wanted to watch us score 9 points in a half against georgia or get killed by pretty much every other team we played. This whole fans shitting on other fans thing really gets on my nerves.

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Worse, so much worse with Horn. He killed our program.

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I’m in medical school. I’m sure myself and thousands of other fans with other things to make us happy aren’t going to go to a game when they’re going to lose.

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I must have missed the part where the medical school info was relevant

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Yeah I’m also in med school, it’s more like 80 hour a week job, I’ve had a hard time even watching football games, definitely not gonna spend time watching our b-ball team lose by 20 to Wofford

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It’s basically a full time job. I don’t want to spend my small amount of free time going to a game I know they will lose. I’m equating it to the thousands of other fans with jobs. That’s why I believe no one is at the games.

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We've always had bad early season attendance, add that most of our early home games are nobodys, and then we lose to one of those nobodys (Stoney Brook), attendance isn't going to be great.

Also CLA is huge and seats 18,000, so even a few thousand people is going to look empty.

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The team is trash and we have better things to do it’s that simple. We don’t owe them anything either.

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Play well and people will show up. I've gone to most of the games being a student, but it can be hard for a lot of people when you're playing Stoney Brook and when you are just not a good basketball team.

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