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Posted byVeteran6 years ago

ASM Team idea for 500 pts.

Please Please Pleeeeeease tell me this is as good as I am thinking it might be.

  • ASM #017a Dr. Voodoo (W/ #f001 Stunning Blow) Pts. 144

  • ASM #055 Spider-Man (W/ #f001 Stunning Blow) Pts. 135

  • ASM #042 Nightmare Pts. 217

Point Total.....................................496

Stunning Blow already seems really nice for those with Incap that allow them to do damage as they go. If Voodoo has Incap and Spidey has Magnetic Webbing, it would seem to be even better for having that damage soak through on harder defensive powers.

Combine this with Nightmare's ability to heal after pushes and Spidey being able to heal up Voodoo as they go along, it seems like a solid team. Though there may be something I am missing.

Open to suggestions.

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I think this team wouldn't fare so well. All 3 characters want to be at range all the time. every single power requires line of sight and/or no adjacency. Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Energy Shield/Deflection, Support, outwit, perplex. If someone brings even 1 melee and/or stealth figure, you could be boned. That would mean no penetrating damage, no defensive boosts, no outwit, no healing.

Sorry to be a downer about it, but I think this team would struggle.

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MINE!3 points · 6 years ago

Yeah. You need at least one melee figure to act as a 'screen' if nothing else. Also, I'm hesitant about using big cost figures alongside Nightmare, he's already going to get swarmed, decreasing the number of his backup isn't going to help much.

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VeteranOriginal Poster2 points · 6 years ago

Alright, here's another I was thinking on. Never was good at team building and I do want to find how to get better.

  • CJ #091 Despero (w/Utility Belt and No Items) 151

  • AW #096 Magneto 187

  • Avengers #049 Two-Gun Kid 50

  • Avengers #050 Winter Soldier 70

  • Batman #031 Alfred Pennyworth 42

Total: 500

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VeteranOriginal Poster2 points · 6 years ago

With the possibility of taking Alfred out, using cheap AIM Medics and giving Despero Indom with three belt items.

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UB has to have at least 1 item.

This team will get totally destroyed by a modern team. The dials just fall apart too much after a few clicks. Are building to any specific restrictions that ask you to use pre-carded figures?

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I might use Despero OR Magneto, but not both. They're both doing the same sort of thing for your team: long range damage dealer. It also doesn't help that theyre each around the same points, and 500 point teams generally shouldn't have 2 figures of 150-200 points on them. There's not many points left to help those guys. The other problem is you don't have ways of helping those guys stay on top clicks or alive. Support powers don't have to include probability control, perplex, and support. They can be other things like Barrier, Telekinesis, outwit, smoke cloud, etc.

I'm not a big fan of either of those older pieces (Despero and Magneto), but if you're set on wanting to use them in a game without feats, I would look to build your team around one of them. If you want another mainly damage dealer, you can add in Winter Soldier OR Two-Gun Kid, but I wouldn't do both. On another note, enhancement or perplex is a good idea with Two-Gun Kid. He suffers from a low damage throughout the dial (2), and as such is really weak against people with Invulnerability and Impervious.

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VeteranOriginal Poster1 point · 6 years ago

Getting back to newer sets, is it ever advisable just to put two brutes on a team? I am fully serious about never having been good with team building. Either that or I have Cosmic Hulk or Terrax to build teams around.

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It depends on the points. I would advise against building teams that are purely brutes, as they typically struggle with positioning on the map as well as actually hitting their targets.

For example, if you were to build a team of Terrax and Cosmic Hulk for a 600 point game, the opposing team might be able to entirely shut you down with a balanced team composed of probability control, close combat oriented pieces for tying you up, and barrier. An 11 attack is good, but you're still playing the odds, and could find yourself on the bad end of a stick with dice rolls. On the other hand, if you were to go with Terrax and Cosmic Hulk in a 800-1000 point game, all of a sudden you have room for a bunch of other powers that allow your big guys to not get kited, probability controlled into oblivion, and shut down in other manners.

I speak about this from experience. I have tried running a team of Reign of Supermen: SM Steel, Superboy, Eradicator, and SM 055 Superman as a 500 point team. It loses most of the time because it doesnt have a good balance and the dials aren't reliable enough. Steel loses outwit after 1 click, Superboy loses Telekinesis soon, and 3 of them don't have willpower, further decreasing the amount of rolls. On paper, it might seem like a great team. They all work off Superman getting KO'd, and that Superman doesn't cost too many points while also getting better once he's hit. Unfortunately, it just isn't balanced enough as a team.

I'm not saying these things can work. I think Terrax and Cosmic Hulk in a 600 point game might win some tournaments, no joke. However, I think you would have more success if you build teams where you don't put all of your eggs into one basket of a strategy. Having backup plans and strategies for several enemy team compositions is a good idea.

When making a team, try to think what its weaknesses are. If you were going to go up against your own team, how would you beat it? If your team is mostly close combat, does it have a way to ensure your characters aren't blown up before becoming adjacent? Do they have powers like barrier, energy shield/deflection, or stealth to allow them to move across the map with better security? If not, then the team would fare poorly if it went up against a team with range.

I don't want to discourage you from playing a team with 1 solid strategy but some easy counters. Most teams out there have easy counters. Players either just hope that they won't see their counter teams, or don't really think about it. I think hoping you don't see your counter is okay, but you can't be too surprised if you lose a game once you see it.

I hope all this made sense and my grammar wasn't too confusing.

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VeteranOriginal Poster1 point · 6 years ago

It is not confusing at all. I'm still very grateful for the help being given. Is it just me or is there no one really useful for an incapacitate figure. I am stuck on trying to use the Nightmare along with figs that can use incap, but aren't totally worthless otherwise. That seems to be my main issue at the moment trying to get that to work.

Otherwise, I will try to work on a good balance of close combat to ranged.

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1 point · 6 years ago · edited 6 years ago

Here's a good list of figures that have incap (or a power that gives action tokens) and utilize a somewhat supportive role (at the very least have a lower point cost):

  • ASM 022 Cloak

  • ASM 038r Carrion

  • BM 025 Batgirl

  • SoG 003 Black Canary

  • CW:FF Wasp

  • AVM Starter The Sharpshooting Avenger

  • CA 206 Black Widow

  • SoG Ice

  • DC75th Ice

  • New52:FF 004 Batman

  • New52 004 Green Lantern

  • AA 034 Robin

  • BB Kid Zoom

  • AA Count Vertigo

  • DC10th 001 Batman

  • DC10th 014 Robin

  • WoL:FF Star Sapphire

  • WoL:FF Indigo-1

  • HA 032 Daredevil

  • HA 037 Songbird

  • SI Impossible Man

  • AV Ronin

  • BN The Atom

  • CR Nightwing

  • CR Psycho-Pirate

  • JL Zatanna

  • OR 035 The Question

  • IO Robin

  • IO Raven

  • MU 029 Iceman

  • BM 045 Black Lightning

  • BM 016 Batgirl

  • SoG 020 Calendar Man

  • SoG 023 Scarecrow

Abilities that go really well with Incapacitate are sharpshooter and multi-target. Being able to see through opposing figures (including those that are stealth) and hitting several characters with one attack roll can really utilize the power to its fullest.

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id switch spider-man55 with spiderman 54 if you can, hes a great tie up close combat character, with a bit of distance you can make sure he keeps that +1 to all stats a 300 pt game with spider-man54, dr. voodoo and werewolf i was able to do very well.

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