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A small guide to TripSitting/if having a bad trip

I know the topic of TripSitting is touched on quite often, I just feel like this small amount is overlooked pretty often. Maybe it's seen as common knowledge to most. Maybe not. I just wish for all beginners to find this info.

All in all a trip sitters job isnt to baby sit anybody. Their objective shouldn't be anything far from a normal day hanging out. Good conversation, suggest a fun activity like exploring or funny movies, and occasionally showing them trippy looking stuff. Please don't be a sitter that constantly asks "are you okay" "are you tripping too hard" "do you need anything". That in itself could trigger a downward spiral. But it's always okay to ask if someone wants water or fruit IMO!

Someone asked me "what should a sitter do if I'm having a bad trip?" My thoughts:

Depends on how "bad" the trip. If you get caught in a not so good thought loop them simply asking you to "look at this picture of a rabbit" or "let's get some fresh air" can change your thought process right away. If you state "I think I took too much" I personally respect the response "you're doing fine, drugs don't stay in you forever, enjoy it 'till it's over cause it'll be over soon."

If you manage to hit the psycho side of a bad trip, doing paranoid things like -threatening the shadow people who are out to get you- (which is rare) they can do something drastic like lock you in a safe room with a good show on t.v while you ride it out. The objective at this stage is SAFETY, from yourself and/repercussions of society like cops being called.

Please add any thoughts to my short list!

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I totally agree with your point about not asking all the time if everything is fine and that you shouldn’t babysit them!

Here are some experiences that helped me or my tripping friends:

  • Give them a small and simple task. Just something like passing the bottle or whatever. It will distract them from their (spiralling) thoughts.

  • Take them to another room/to another spot outside, where it’s friendly/different vibe/setting. Going through a door alone already helps a lot.

  • I once had a tough time coming down, relaxing and it was incredibly helpful when my boyfriend just said I’m going to watch a series, just lay down next to me. It helped shifting the focus and I stopped worrying about myself all the time.

  • One time a close friend started crying and she later said that she never cried in front of anybody for years and it helped her a lot when I pointed out how good and relieving it felt and that it’s just the same as when crying because of laughing too hard (“crying is not such a big deal, everybody does it/should do it”).

  • For people who trip at a party/when partying and feel insecure/that everybody knows what’s going on with him/her, tell them that nobody is even remotely caring about how you look, what you do etc. Laugh if off. Tell them that other people are probably even more wasted or care about their own actions. Plus, offer them to get non-alcoholic drinks for the both of you (because “you are thirsty yourself”).

  • Point out how magical their experience is right now and that not many people will ever see what they see right now. Which goes along with what you said about pointing out what might look wonderful (clouds, water, “blank” walls, etc.)

Save and fun tripping to all of you (and your friends)! [No native speaker, so please ignore any mistakes - Or let me know what is wrong ;) ]

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Original Poster7 points · 5 months ago

I love the examples, nice nice. Touching on the small task part- I recently learned "fidget items" like cubes or spinners are great no matter the drug of choice. They seem so complex! Almost like a Rubix cube, except the more you come out of your trip the easier it is to complete the "game".

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In regards to the rabbit the only time I ever got caught in a thought loop my cat decided to come and jump on my lap and save me from it! Great advice here.

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Pretty good advice so far. What a trip sitter can also do is remind them their state is temporary and it will pass. A trip sitter should not ask complex questions and make the tripper explain what's happening to them. Instead it's their task to bring them into the here and now. The trip sitter's job is to stay with the person tripping. Eating or drinking something can also help a lot. Tea and bananas work especially well. As can a hug or simple conversation. A trip sitter should only ask simple questions like "Do you want a hug?", "Do you want a blanket?".

A trip sitter is also there to deal with any events like the people at the door, phone calls, getting something from the store, etc.

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Original Poster3 points · 5 months ago

Agreed. Just thought about it though. Once someone's more experienced in tripping a trip sitter is a great person to spar minds with. If you're into existential discussion that is.

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When the tripper isn't in any difficulty of course they can talk about anything. The trip sitter should not bring up any difficult topics on their own though.

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5 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

yeah...biggest mistake people make is laughing or excessive questions towards the person who is high.

if they have a bad trip keep them talking ask them questions and offer distractions to get them as far from the thoughts that were triggering the bad trip. (someone poured me a beer and threw a bag of very damn good weed at me and i rolled one, they kept the conversation flowing, and i had a sip of the beer to dim the sharp edges of the trip, the joint helped, watched some shit on youtube had some conversation, convinced me it was just a bad trip and i calmed down but the rest of the night alone was long but i handled it, prior i was convinced i was dying and that feeling only got worse for a good 40 mins before i got some help i spent some time in complete terror wondering when my last breath that night would be, ever since then ive felt a dying moment that lingers. you can always take more but you can never take less.....isolation and cannabis can be terrifying and a mix some will never be prepared for. i caught onto the pattern that they were distracting me and i got myself down from there.

[Bad trip Dose 4 Blotter Tab's] + Cannabis, Nighttime, Alone. First time pushing that high,

while being asked questions i was very coherent and understanding in the state i was in. it was just fear not confusion.

after my bad trip i caught onto the D12 lyric from purple pills, Scary acid was a false alarm..its so true your always safe just have to learn it for yourself.

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Original Poster6 points · 5 months ago

Preach. "You can always take More but you can never take Less." 4 tabs is a fun experience but alone can be more than overwhelming. I know weed can give me anxiety sometimes so I've avoided it while tripping especially. Whenever I do high doses I haven't done in a while I try to be around 1 or 2 people off normal doses that way I have someone to ride it out with. Usually it's just the peak that's overwhelming and the rest of the times spent bragging about how I know their visuals cant compare, lol. Glad you survived it bro! I will never forget the day I took 30 300ug drops to the dome.. talk about a suicidal ideation filled puddle. People threw me in a room, made sure I stayed away from the 3 story window, and babied me for 11 hours. Thank goodness for good friends I never thought I'd come out of that shit.

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2 points · 5 months ago

Lol holy shit yeah thats alot. ive dropped 6 alone at the most while smoking,

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

A clouded or overactive head space can lead to amazing or scary things. Plus, there's ego death! When thinking "I might not be alive, and that's okay" we tend to drift further from wanting to stay in this reality. We lose our "anchor" I suppose. In my case I was simply overwhelmed. It's rare I think that I took too much and I might never stop tripping.

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