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Posted byWes Lava Bergmann8 hours ago
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Discuss what happened on Episode 12 - “Lost In Translation"

Talk about what happened during the 12th episode of War of the Worlds!!

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Posted byKilla Kam8 hours ago

I found a lot of reasons to hate Georgia in the beginning. She was in an alliance against the people I loved, she was with the most obnoxious person on the show (Bear), and her eyebrows were pretty wild.

I seriously cannot deny her now though. She is one of the most compassionate, caring, positive and athletic women that has been on the show in a while. She’s a bit of a pushover in her relationship with Bear, but I can’t totally blame her for that, she seems to be a very forgiving and sympathetic person. And she’s a beast in Challenges.

Go Georgia! Keep crushing it!


Turbo: gets paired up with Ninja

Turbo in confessional: I miss Nany

Posted byAce Amerson17 hours ago

I know. A LOT of season left, but I don't think we've had n MVP season like this from anyone in a while, we might have to go back to a Miz season to find someone who has been as fantastic as Wes. Just a fantastic and dominating all around performance.


As a Turkish man I was offended after the last episode. What fuck is. wrong with those people. I don't like Ninja but I hate Dee. Dee is the worst one. I don't want to see her again.

At the same time I love Georgia. She is the only woman I support now.

I hope both Turbo and Georgia will be in the final.

Georgia, I'm sure about that in Turkey everyone will love you if they watch the show.


In order of who has played the best in dailies and eliminations thus far. They get an amount of points based on the odds of losing challenges that they won. For example, if they win an elimination, I'll give them 0.5 points because there was a 50% chance of them losing. If they win a daily, let's say they made the first tribunal, there was a 13/16 chance that they would have been a team that wasn't in the tribunal, so they'd get 0.813 points. Everything is rounded to the thousandth.

Only ranking the players that still remain in the game. I've also decided to include the mean, as well as the means of the players above and below the mean (2.846, 4.221).

Turbo and Georgia get 0.5 for winning the elimination, even though Turbo wasn't at risk of going home. Since half the teams made the tribunal, all 6 (Paulie, Georgia, Natalie D., Turbo, Da'Vonne, and Wes) got 0.5 points.

12. Kyle - 2.519 (-1)

11. Hunter - 2.638 (-3)


*no spoilers*

It seems like she's about to go another season without seeing an elimination by how few are left. It says a lot about her game but damn, I can't help but be sad about the mental strength of some of these girl competitors. I want one to call her ass out. Someone in an interview once said, the girls are much more scared to go against a powerful girl and make big moves and it's true.

For the next season, we need physically strong girls but let's also get girls with a STRONG mentality. Cause some of them are weak sauce in that area.

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