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One Piece Color Walk Question

So for the One Piece Color Walks, is there any difference when buying the Japanese version than the western versions? I feel like purchasing the Japanese ones online as it is cheaper than the western versions.

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There is some text and interviews at the end in the Japanese version but i'm not sure about the western one. I have the the jpn ver. And the quality is really good! You even get some stickers and a postcard.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

Thanks! Is CDJapan a legit site to buy from if you know by any chance? Any other sites where I could get them?

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I got mine at local anime convention so i don't know :c cdjapan is quite popular so you should have no problems with finding opinions.

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Keep in mind that Viz is planning to release the Color Walks as 3-in-1 Compendiums for the next few, so you should be comparing the price of 3 Japanese Color Walks to one Compendium.

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