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Posted byu/[deleted]5 months ago

NYE show advice

I was surprised with tickets to the NYE in NC this year for my birthday. Any advice on must do's? Cool places to visit while there? We'll be in town for a few days so any tips about the show itself and the surrounding area are sooo appreciated:)

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I've been living in Charlotte for about a year and a half now. I'm by no means an expert, but this is what I think.

If you have the time I'd try to get over to NoDa and checkout the neighborhood, It's a really cool place to walk around with lots of great food and bars. Cabo Fish Taco is a solid pick for food.

If you're into craft beer, there's no shortage of breweries.

My favorites are Wooden Robot in South End and Legion in Plaza Midwood. Olde Mecklenburg and Sycamore are a couple of other popular places with a lot more space.

In terms of food, my favorite places in town are the aforementioned Cabo & Bakersfield (Tacos), Improper Pig & Mac's Speed Shop (BBQ), and Pinky's Westside Grill (Dive Bar & Grill).

In terms of sights to see... there aren't too many out of this world things in Charlotte.

If you're into NASCAR - the Hall of Fame is in Uptown. Pretty cool even if you don't.

If you like the NBA - the Hornets are at home around NYE. Tickets are usually pretty cheap.

The Whitewater Center is awesome, but it is sort of the offseason. There should still be plenty to do in terms of trails up there though.

The Carolinas Aviation Museum is cool too... it houses the plane from the "Miracle on the Hudson"

The Billy Graham Library is marketed as a must see here.. but I've never been. Seems like a beautiful place though.

Those are just a few suggestions. Hope that helps!

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Thanks!!! To both of you. Lots to research and plan:)

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Carowinds is a theme park near Charlotte. The US National Whitewater Center is amazing if you are into zip lines, kayaking, ropes courses, etc... it might be cold , but the Whitewater Center can be fun for an entire day. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is also close. Discovery Place is a nice scientific “hands on” museum. DefyGravity is a venue with about 20 trampolines and a ninja obstacle course (it’s pretty cool if you are athletic). As far as the show(s), Uptown will be packed on NYE, but there are plenty of nice bars and restaurants.

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