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Oh dear Lord, TwoX...please help with these cramps!

I'm currently laying on my couch, convinced that I'm dying from cramps. I was so happy to get this period because I had a pregnancy scare and was waiting for it. But now I'm just in misery - my cramps have NEVER been this bad. I took 4 pamprin and it didn't touch the pain. I had a heating pad on my back AND another shoved down my pants, as soon as I take either of them off, I'm in agony. I spent 2 hours in bed rolling around, screaming and crying. I don't know what to do. My mom told me to take a vicodin, not sure if that's a good idea. I'm not on any birth control to help with them right now. I have to at least make it manageable so I can work tomorrow morning. Do you ladies have any secrets to ease your cramps?

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This doesn't sound right. It's a drastic and sudden change from normal for you. Is it possible for you to get to a clinic and get checked? How's the bleeding amount, compared to normal - are you hemorrhaging? Any fever?

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I know it sounds bizarre, but sometimes eating bananas help with my cramps. I assume it's because of the potassium in them. Or, if you can, try a muscle relaxer rather than a painkiller.

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Newp - not bizarre at all. Bananas are one of my go-to's for cramps. :)

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Oi... I thought I would have some tips to share with you, but you seem to have covered my typical bases. If things are really bad I will take an Aleve, it is over the counter naproxen sodium. After one hour the pain is gone, and stays gone (I typically have one shitty horrible day and the rest of the cycle is fine).

I don't know if you can mix pamprin and aleve since I don't know how if pamabrom & the anithistamine counterindicate with naproxen, but if you can get naproxen I would suggest it. Can't take any ibuprofin related medicine for 12 hours afterwards, though.

Is this the first time (ever, in a while) you have had pain this bad?

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Aleve used to be my go-to for any pain, then it suddenly seemed to stop working! Might try it again tonight...I'd take anything at this point.

I usually have painful cramps the first two days of my period, but over-the-counter meds have always helped. Never had pain like this - abdominal muscles so sore I can't walk without pain! :(

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Caffeine will make cramps worse. it is in pamprin and other medicine. Check the label. Heat helps. And maybe this is just me, but an orgasm helps give me some relief.

Could you be miscarrying?

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I agree with eating bananas for cramping. If you like almond or peanut butter, have some with your banana. Also, a Stress Complex B-Vitamin would give you some relief. Vitamin D3 in the form of fish oil or nuts is always a good idea if you haven't been in the sun much. Aleve is an awesome for period pain. Get a good heating pad and make sure to keep hydrated. Caffeine can be hit or miss for cramping. I know it helps me if I consume a small amount.

I would suggest sex to help but if you are scared of getting pregnant right now, masturbation would be the next best thing to help regulate the surge of hormones you are experiencing. Yay for orgasms! :D

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Hot bath maybe?

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My cramps are always really bad. I will roll around on the floor in the fetal position and throw up for a week if I don't get my prescription pain pills. Go to your OBGYN and get this taken care of!

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