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Just curious, anyone know Conor's net worth?

Or maybe an estimation, just curious, because even though saddle creek's a fairly small label, it has some pretty well revered bands. Thanks!

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There's no way of knowing really, but he's obviously a really comfortable millionaire.

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I would agree with this. Between record sales and (especially) touring, I'm sure he's got a nice chunk. I believe he's also a partner at ARC studios in Lincoln. Add to that the fact that his dad has worked in finance and probably gave him guidance on how to grow the money he already has and I think you can safely assume it's well north of a million.

Unless he spent it all on coke.

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He hasn't done hard drugs in years, doubt it.

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Interesting. Where did you read that?

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Some interview when he was touring with Monsters of Folk, and he said it again when The People's Key came out.

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I will make an effort to dig this up.

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There's a line in "Gentleman's Pact" where he says, "I tried to die young with my true love, ended up a millionaire." I think there's a lot of truth to that.

Edit: Now I'm listening to that wonderful song. Cheers, Conor.

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2 points · 6 years ago

Came here to post that lyric! Cheers!

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In addition to the other comments, I think the music itself makes it pretty clear.

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Look up the lyrics to "gentleman's pact" and it's right there...

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