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Daily Questions Thread [12-06-2018]

If you have questions about juice, vendors, mods or anything vaping related, please feel free to ask them below.
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level 1
1 point · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Hello guys, I started some days ago building my new Ammit MTL RTA. The coil that came with it was easy to build and was vaping good all along. I tried some new coils I bought ( Coilology MTL Clapton 28/40 2.5mm 0.92ohm, Ni80) and its tasting bad, metal-ish flavor, super odd. I probably have some hot spots but the coil seems to fire evenly from middle out.. I builded it like 5 times and the bad flavor keeps flowing... I'll buy a Coilmaster Jig v4 to make my own coils, I'm looking for a wire to buy, is this one good to go? Geekvape Mtl Clapton KA1 28*2+38ga

EDIT: should I space my coils or not?

Thank you in advance, having a hard time! =/

level 2

To space or not to space is a debate that will, in the end, always boil down to personal preference. If you're having trouble working out hot spots, space your coil and it will help, everything else that differs between the two options is subjective.

Often MTL can just be done with round wire and the results will be just fine. get some 26g SS316L and you will be doing just fine. That geekvape wire doesn't sound bad but you'll almost certainly need a more open MTL draw than with round wire.

level 3

Thank you for your input! Looking at my shop and found CoilMaster SS316L 26awg 0.4mm, going to give it a try!

level 1

Has anyone ever mixed two juices that you for some reason didn't like, and end up with something great?

Sort of like two wrongs making a right.

level 2

Yes! I had a blueberry cream that tasted like candy, nothing like blueberries, and a menthol/cool mint that was brutally harsh. Together they were surprisingly good. Individually though, total shit.

level 3

Nice! I wanted to shitpost this last night, after I mixed this nasty BlackBerry Lemonade with some other equally nasty juice (cannot remember the name) but it just tasted even more gross lol.

Made me curious of stories like your. :)

level 2

Every time I tried that I ended up with something at least marginally worse. Good to know there are exceptions.

level 1
OG RX200/CSMNT 1 point · 5 months ago

Does anyone have experience with the Dovpo Basium? I see it pop up here and there in threads, but reviews are a bit sparse.

level 2
Geekvape Blade / Peerless RDA1 point · 5 months ago

Some video reviews here.

level 1

Hey got the freemax mesh pro with the revenger x mod. Every 100 puffs or so i get the atomizer low message but the second time i fire it goes away. Why am i getting this message? Just paranoid here but what if the mod was to fire and instead of getting the message firing at 0.00 ohms what would happen? could my mod blow up? I thought it was the coil at first but im on my second coil and still get it sometimes. Doesnt happen with my other tanks tho. also with this mod the ohms reading is not always accurate when i screw in my atty it can display an ohms reading of 0.2 and maybe after a few puffs it will go down to 0.17 or if i reescrew it can also sometimes go back to 0.17. If i keep rescrewering the atty the reading will always be 0.1/3 difference like it will show either 0.16 or 0.18 or 0.22 but if it shows something like 0.2 after a puff it will go back to 0.17 after a puff and stay there. Do i need a new mod? new tank? If i try these tanks on my old mod the reading always displays 0.15

level 2

That ~10% fluctuation is normal and is not sufficient evidence that something's wrong, but I can't answer your other questions, sorry.

level 1

Hello. Is there a newer alternative of the SMOK TFV12 king beast? I really like the specs but it’s almost 2 years old and discontinued I think. Is the are newer alternative?

Really like to know

level 2

Yeah the freemax mesh Pro I stepped up and got one it's a step up from the V12 it's amazing I would recommend it to anybody

level 2
fimbulvetr 1 point · 5 months ago

yeah, if you like high wattage vaping on prebuilt tanks? The Freemax Mesh Pro line is top in class right now. If you don't like the aesthetics, they have other tanks that take the coils for the newer ones.... and I think you will be VERY pleasantly surprised at the flavor difference between that an the TFV12.

level 1

Reposting from yesterday:

So, got my first mech mod. Cheap, entry level, single 18650, hybrid 510 connection.

I’ve read post after post after post where everyone says learn Ohm’s Law and make sure you check the build resistance, etc.

Am I missing something huge, or is it really just being conscientious about the resistance of the build (planning on checking this on a regulated mod), calculating the max current draw (Vmax/R), and making sure my batteries are rated for that (by Mooch)?

On a related note, it seems like cleaning is also very important and everyone and his brother has their preferred method, so I’m widnering if there is any general consensus on external cleaning, internal (thread) cleaning, and whether and what dielectric grease.

Finally, what are your (subjective, of course) thoughts on these color options for a mech:

Matte black

Gloss/piano/polished black

Brass (polished)

Copper (polished)

I’ve heard that copper is very high maintenance and can have a metallic smell, and is mainly sought for the aesthetics. Other than that, if everything is brass at the core, then there’s no real advantage from one material/color option to the next.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Just want to get it all out there since I’m dipping my toe into mechs and it’s (obviously) a whole new world from regulated mods.


level 2
Naboo // Intake2 points · 5 months ago

Yeah you're pretty much on point as far as knowledge and safety is concerned. Knowing ohms law and basic battery safety is what is most important. Taking care of your batteries and their wraps, making sure you aren't over drawing them, etc. As for cleaning, there really isn't a right or wrong way, its more about personal preference and what works for you, it also really depends on the material of the mech. For grease I used Noalox, but very sparingly and only when i felt I needed it. Sometimes it can help with hot button issues and just keeping everything moving smoothly.

Just a quick note on a hybrid 510, make sure that what ever RTA/RDA you decide on had a protruding center pin and check the insulator frequently, this is one area that can fail if you aren't smart about what you are using and keeping an eye on it.

As for the mod finish, I've always like the look of black mechs just be warned that over time they will chip and scratch. That's something that drives me nuts with any mod so I tend to stay away from painted ones. I've had both brass and copper also and I love the look of them but they are more high maintenance as both of the tarnish over time. Copper does have a smell to be sure, grab a handful of pennies and you'll see what i mean, and i does have a tendency to turn your hand a nice shade of grey/green, when I used one as a daily carry for a while the nook between my thumb and index finger was always discolored. If you want to keep these easy I'd stick with a basic SS mod.

I hope that helps!

level 3

Thank you, that absolutely helps!

Yeah, I forgot to mention the scrutiny with 510 pins on attys. That's something that is always brought up (for good reason) when attys are being reviewed. As far as insulators, I assume I just need to check that they're intact so there are no shorts, right? Are these at risk of being damaged when run on mechs because of the current?

I'm really tempted to get something nice and shiny (I'd be leaning towards brass rather than copper, though - I don't want to turn green and smell like a sweaty penny), but I feel like the maintenance would get very cumbersome and whenever cleaning it (which sounds like all the time) I'd resent having to do that rather than being able to just vape it.

Finally, I've seen people with very strong opinions about which way to install battery cells. Is there really a difference? I know that batteries vent out the positive end (right?) but the mod will vent out of whatever vent holes it has so it seems inconsequential. Honestly, looking at it from the designation of the atty positive pin, I would tend to have the cell installed positive side down to have the atty 'in series' with the cell (i.e. positive pin contacting the anode/negative end).

level 4
Naboo // Intake2 points · 5 months ago

For the insulator, just check to make sure its intact and hasn't cracked or melted which does happen occasionally if you are a heavy chain vaper.

To be honest the maintenance and tarnishing and discoloration on brass and copper are pretty similar, the brass just smells a little less.

As for the battery, positive side up. It isn't the end of the world if you install the battery upside down, but, this is the orientation that mechs are designed for, especially with a hybrid connection.

level 5

That's interesting about battery orientation. I don't think I've seen anyone specifically reference that the design of mechs/hybrids is intended for positive-up installation. I guess that makes sense for the mod I have; I think the only vent holes in it are up top (and there are channels to divert the gasses outward).

level 6
Naboo // Intake2 points · 5 months ago

I haven't necessarily heard it phrased the way I put it, but every video and pic I've seen up until a bit recently it's always positive up. I can't really see any added benefit to flipping the battery around to be honest. And most mech mods have vent holes around the fire button although not all.

level 2
Perserker1 point · 5 months ago

In theory copper should be more efficient. The reality is its likely some kind of alloy anyway so ymmv. One other thing to be aware of is the firing/locking mechanism. Depending on usage habits cheap can become dangerous.

level 3

It has a recessed bottom cap for some protection from accidental button presses, but if I’m not vaping on it, batteries are going to be removed.

level 4
Perserker1 point · 5 months ago

Sounds like you're good to go.

level 1

So I only reddit from mobile, and I am embarrassed to say that I didn't check the sidebar until late last night.

I have been watching tons of wire wrapping videos and decided that I really, REALLY don't want to mess with it.

My local shop's prices on prewrapped wire is too high for my liking as well.

So here is where I may have messed up.

I check Amazon for prewrapped kanthal, and I find a 96 piece kit for like $13 USD, Prime eligible. Cool! No hassle, cheap, and it will be here in two days. So, I order without hesitation.

Then, I see the sidebar. "Don't order from Amazon or eBay, as it is against their TOS."

Shit. I read Amazon's TOS, and it lists all the things that can't be sold, but it doesn't say anything about the wire itself. Just atomizers as a whole, from my understanding.

So here we are. Am I banged? Should I even use these coils? The biggest con in the reviews were some didn't read the correct ohms. Some weren't in the correct spot of the case.

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