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Just an FYI: You can mow crops in the stock game. Don't need a combine for straw!


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Wait really? You just mow wheat and you get straw

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But what happens to the wheat then? You lose the harvest and get only straw?

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Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

If you don't need the wheat and are just doing cowpighorse the straw is fine.

I haven't done a yield analysis yet tho.

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True enough, though it begs the question... wouldn't it be more profitable in the long run if you just use the cheapest combine for 84000 to get the wheat + straw. Then sell off the wheat, keep the straw and use the profits for something else. Would take a few harvests of wheat before the combine paid for itself, but after that it would be straight profits... and wheat.

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Yeah, would be an option but you have to buy an extra field thats the problem

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Why? You plant wheat Harvest to get wheat while straw swaths enables and the pickup straw with baler or wagon. All this is from 1 field. Why do I need to buy an extra field?

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I'm with you. Seems like throwing/mowing away money to me.

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International Server(PC) - Diniz Farms
3 points · 5 months ago

I wonder if this is paving the way for swathers and pickup headers.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

there's a mow-crop mod for 17

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I would like mowers to remove light bushs / brush but no leave it to the plow!

Honestly we need a bush hog.

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Is there a better way (console) than the hay barn to store straw? I harvested like 4 fields and filled the barn easily...bale mechanics are a bitch and you’re limited on the number of bales rendered.

I guess it doesn’t really matter if I don’t have animals yet, but storing for a “demand” sell its better than just loading > selling.

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