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Posted byu/[deleted]5 months ago

Health issues with binding?


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I feel like not enough people bring this up, but binding really isn't safe, period. Even if you use binders 'designed for trans men', and bind less then 8 hours a day it will still damage your ribs and back after prolonged use (over the course of months or years). So yes, there's a good chance you'll have lung/rib/back issues down the road.

BUT being smart and safe about it will keep any pain or issues minimal. Wear your binder for as little time as your can bear, dont sleep or exercise in it, if it hurts take it off etc. I know the dysphoria can seem unbearable at times, but its important to listen to your body.

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just make sure you go one or two days a week without wearing it so you can get a break

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20 馃拤2/22/18
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If it feels like you can't breathe while you're wearing it or it's causing pain get a different binder. Otherwise you're probably fine. Many binders are less restrictive and in my opinion probably better for your health than wearing a normal/sports bra tbh

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John | 25
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To offer a less-common perspective: I'm 25, didn't bind excessively, and still wound up with rib and back pain. I bound semi-regularly for two years, then not at all for a year and a half, then occasionally for about six months, (then the pain started) and practically never for the past year. I don't know exactly what I did to cause this, but please do be very careful.

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Comment deleted by user5 months ago
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John | 25
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Half tank. I'd definitely recommend the full tank over the half tank, I think I agree with you that the half tank puts more pressure on the ribs.

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No. There's always a small risk but listen to your body and you'll be fine

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