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[Paid] Exciting Opportunity for 3d Artist

I am looking for a 3d artist to help finish my game. The game is a casual-competitive online PvP game. I can give more details about the game if you want.

The game's systems are already complete. In fact, I could release the game within a few months, but I am having trouble building an audience for it.

Because of this, I've decided to start searching for a publisher to handle marketing. Also, with the help of a publisher, I would be able to hire a 3d artist to drastically improve the look and feel of the game. Furthermore, with the help of an artist, I would be more likely to find a publisher.

As the artist, you would be paid directly, this would not be a revenue sharing agreement.

If I receive funding from a publisher, I would pay you to create:

  • 45 animated characters

    • Each with 10 to 20 animations

    • You will need to create the designs, rigs, animations, and models

  • 3 stages (like a fighting game stage)

  • *130 Ability Icons

  • *45 Character Icons

  • *15 Menu/Interface Icons

  • *100 visual effects (I have many of these done already)

  • *Promotional material

*I can help with these, if necessary.

The artist will not be responsible for:

  • Technical art

  • Menu or Interface

  • Lore / Story (Note this is not a story based game)

I want the game to have a bit of a cartoony style. Not realistic, but not childish. We can discuss this more later, of course. I'm expecting fairly low-poly and simple character models. This will be a cross-platform game, so it needs to be able to run smoothly on mobile.

Lastly, it may take a month or two to find a publisher. Also, there is no guarantee I will be funded.

If you are interested please send me the following:

  • How much time you think this would take

    • I'm expecting 4 to 8 months, though this is flexible

    • Also, let me know if you would be working full-time or part-time

  • How much you would need to be paid

  • Whether or not you can create the icons, visual effects, and promotional materials listed above

  • A few samples

    • I will likely need you to work on this a bit, so I can show publishers what the game would look like

    • The sample will be an appropriately stylized character, ideally with a single animation. Delivered as a gif, mp4, or some other video.

    • The sample is not paid work, but you would keep all ownership of it.

    • If possible, it could be work you have already done (this depends on whether it fits the game correctly).

    • We can discuss this more after we decide to work together.

  • Send me this info via a personal message


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"The sample is not paid work, but you would keep all ownership of it."

This is an unpaid gig for pitch work. Please provide more information on the size of the unpaid sample you are seeking to have made and label your posts accurately.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

Thanks for the feedback.

The sample would likely be a single 3d character, with the style the artist would want to use. I have edited the post to be more specific.

Many 3d artists have appropriate examples in their portfolio already.

The 'gig' will be paid work.

A simple link to an image in a portfolio is not 'pitch work'. Labeling the post as 'unpaid' would be much less accurate than it is now.

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Given the scope of what you're suggesting, 45 characters, each with 10 to 20 animations, and 3 environments.... that sounds like a job for about 4 artists working overtime nonstop for about 8 months, provided they arent sleeping.

Scope down and shoot for a minimum viable product.

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45 Characters alone would take much longer than 8 months...

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1 point · 5 months ago

Depends on the variance, but yes, especially if all unique, that would take much much longer

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