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Why has no one tried making a new survival horror game in the style of RE/SH?

I haven't seen/heard of anything of the sort, which I find strange considering the amount of negative feedback that the newer games in the franchises have received. I'm assuming there's a market for one, considering in the negative feedback I read there's usually a comparison to 'better, classic' games like Resi 1-3, Silent Hill 1-3, Dino Crisis etc.

Since Capcom and other companies seem to be heading in the wrong directions, would it be that difficult for an indie development team or something to create a game in the same style?

(By the same style I'm talking about relatively fixed camera angles, limited inventory space, maybe even tanky controls etc. Personally when I play these games I feel these features add to the survival horror gameplay, rather than just being hardware limitiations)

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I think it's because those game does not have a wide appeal.

Nowadays, most game developers are trying to make the next Blockbuster. That everybody and their grandmother can play. Old survival horror are often really hard and a large part of the younger gaming community simply won't play them because of that. Since the target audience is more niche, they have to make a perfect game for it to sell well. When they have the choice of taking on this costly and long project with uncertain return, they usually prefer to go the easier route and make a popular kind of game that everybody can want to play even if it's not that good.

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Robotick has it right -- think about how many "blockbuster" sequels there have been in the past year compared to how many original titles there were.

Fact is, large gaming companies are reluctant to release a title if they feel any possibility of not making a big return on their investment.

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There is NOT a market for one. Resident Evil was very isolating and "tanky" like you said and that does not appeal to today's gamers, sadly.


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