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Official Discussion - The Wandering Earth [SPOILERS]


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When the human race discovers that the sun is dying out they band together to create giant planet thrusters to move Earth out of its orbit and to sail it to a new star system. However 17 years into the 2,500 year journey unexpected perils will require a few brave people held together by fate the band together to save the Earth and the human race from almost certain destruction.


Frant Gwo


screenplay by Gong Geer, Junce Ye, Yan Dongxu, Frant Gwo, Yang Zhixue

based on the short story by Cixin Liu


  • Qu Chuxiao as Liu Qi

  • Li Guangjie as Wang Lei

  • Ng Man-tat as Han Zi'ang

  • Zhao Jinmai as Han Duoduo

  • Wu Jing as Liu Peiqiang

  • Arkady Sharogradsky as Makarov

  • Mike Sui as Tim

  • Qu Jingjing as Zhou Qian

  • Zhang Yichi as Li Yiyi

  • Yang Haoyu as He Lianke

  • Li Hongchen as Zhang Xiaoqiang

  • Yang Yi as Yang Jie

  • Jiang Zhigang as Zhao Zhigang

  • Zhang Huan as Huang Ming

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Metacritic: ?

After Credits Scene? No

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level 1

Great idea, really love movies like this.

Sure, it had its flaws, but overall good.

One plot hole though: if you do have the resources to move the Earth, just move it as the Sun is expanding in order to keep it close to the Sun and stabilise its position after the Sun is done expanding.

No need to travel 2500 years to the next Sun, a journey no one knows if the children of the 10th generation of children will even end

level 1

So is the United Earth Government on Earth the whole time or in space somewhere? In other words, did the government leaders choose to send the embryos away knowing that they themselves would perish with the rest of the planet?

level 2

They are on Earth

level 1

Did anyone else feel like this film was a serious ADHD romp through a disaster movie. It just felt un. I wanted to love it since everything said it was supposed to be sooooooo good but I felt that there were just not enough of something. I make reference to ADHD because sometimes I felt like the director needed to cut to something else because he suddenly lost interest on the current set up. Grandpa is dying, oh wait! I should remember that the tsunami was horrible and people were dying and OH SNAP thats when I got my granddaughter, um what was I doing again, oh right dying. There was no foreshadowing for anything and the characters had no real motivation for the actions they took except duty I guess. And who says "I cant complete this task so I will destroy this super rare engine part just because". Maybe save it for later. there will come another time that parts break down. And how did the guy in white not tell anyone he was cold. He just died and everyone is like, "oh he froze. Next lets kill each other".

I was so disappointed. THIS is China's best :-/

level 1
2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I take it back, seems like its not a bad movie. lol. China sci fi showing potential.

level 2

I agree. This was the movie they show you in editing school when they need a bad example. ugh.

level 3
2 points · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

I respectfully disagree. It is part of the reason I like the movie over a lot of Hollywood productions. As a comparison, in a movie produced by Hollywood, things people did mostly lead to meaningful ends. IMHO, it is fake as hell. Why would anyone people save must survive? On the contrary, it's more likely that people will still die no matter if he just survived a danger. A city could still be lost even if everyone rushed to rescue it (like Hangzhou underground city). This is more close to the reality which most Hollywood films ignore.

This film takes a different approach. It tells the fact people's effort can easily go in vain, especially in such a very severe global catastrophe, but would people do it anyway given the chance? How do you know it'll mean nothing before you do it, even though the probability exists for sure? Such things happened several times in the story. It's a moral question to the audience very well executed. It's a pity you didn't notice that but see it as an "editing failure". I guess it's because many film goers have been fed too much of that old Hollywood cliche: What has been done has to lead to something meaningful. Probability, which is very real, doesn't work like that.

It just feels refreshing that the movie makers didn't fall into the old cliche in that regard and the meaningless effort perfectly depicted what humans are willing to sacrifice for what they believe in even if they know the sacrifices will possibly be in vain. It's cruel, but also true.

At last, I'd like to note that it may reflect more of a culture difference between the East and the West. (Far) Eastern cultures are not the happy-go-lucky type we see a lot in the US. Take the example of the Japanese film Battle Royale vs The Hunger Games. A very similar theme, yet the Japanese production gives this much more depressing and colder feeling than the inspirational aura presented in The Hunger Games. Although at this time of globalization we can see a lot of convergence in pop culture everywhere, still such differences are visible everywhere as well (of course, not everyone is aware of them).

level 1
2 points · 1 month ago

I wanted to add that "The Wandering Earth" is like a modern day fable of "The Foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains"* (愚公移山). This is especially driven home when the father character (Liu Peiqiang played by Jing Wu), much like the foolish old man in the fable, states that even though he will not live to see the new home in Alpha Centauri, his son will have children and those children will have children, and so on...the human race will continue the journey and survive.


level 1

I walked out with my boyfriend.

Boring plot, I wanted something more from the ridiculous premise, all of the characters were bland, and the CGI was absolutely terrible. I felt like I was watching early 2000s level of special effects. I feel like, for a movie like this to work, you really need to have your effects carry it.

level 1

Geographical Question:

The distance between Sulawesi and Shanghai is 3600km++ , and they drove between these places in a few hours?

level 2

plate movement and the earthquake enable that consequently.

level 1

What does MOSS stands for?

level 2

A quick search told me it was Manned Orbital Space Station, which is what they were on. Not confirmed by official accounts.

level 3

Hardly orbital, because the space station is leading Earth and only covers the "front" hemisphere all the time, so it doesn't orbit around it. If it's "orbit" in any way, probably it's orbiting the Sun, because they will not escape the Sun's gravity before several gravitational accelerations.

However, it did take humans several decades to finish the space station. During that time, the station was orbiting Earth. So "O" could still mean "orbital" considering the time it was built.

level 1

Here's a slightly different POV on the film - what it says about Chinese millennials:

level 2

Hilarious article, i loved it!

level 2

Wasn't the Earth's environment fine, but worsened only after they left? Of course there was the expected doomsday supernova, but Earth itself as a planet was fine right. Yet they had to move, so starting the thrusters was what caused the tsunami (and moving past the main asteroid belt froze everything). So, the Earth itself wasn't "so f*cked" before the move, but the sun definitely was going to be. In this case, if you had the tech, I don't think it's so paradoxical to move your perfectly fine, resource/fuel rich caravan to another star (at the closest solar system's Goldilocks Zone, especially if it doesn't have any other habitable planet there). Wasn't this the explanation they gave?

level 3

Exactly. The article twisted what happened in the film to suit what the author wanted to say. Insightful as it looks like, it's just wandering thoughts without solid foundation. But he had to write something on his blog, so..

level 1
2 points · 1 month ago

Two things made me laugh hysterically in the cinema. The first was that dude shooting Jupiter with a Minigun. The second was them 100% jacking the song from the docking scene in interstellar when the russian died in space. I couldn't believe it

level 2

Jacking? Songs are often relicensed and recycled in Hollywood too. Avatar “jacked” the song from The Island and Star Trek?

level 3
2 points · 1 month ago

I'm aware that this happens often.

level 4
2 points · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

You couldn't believe what you are aware that happens often?

level 1

It was an ok film up until the 3rd act. That just dragged on way too long and left me bored.

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