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I hate libraries

Don't get me wrong, I like books and reading and gaining knowledge, but I have come to hate libraries because I associate them with school. Every library I go to is packed with students, mostly undergraduate students, some high school students, some older students. Everybody is there to study, not to read for pleasure. It reminds me of the times I was in school and had to study and most libraries were always packed with annoying people, it was like a damn jail. You had to go there and spend hours and hours of your life in that boring enclosed space with many people around you and annoying people sitting near you, coughing, drinking water, asking you to watch their laptop when they had to take a piss, and the worse, idiots who munched on food I hoped they choked on it, and even worse assholes who whispered and whisper laughed like just because you are whispering doesn't mean you get a pass I can still hear you and you are disrupting my ability to focus you devil incarnate.

Also when you are walking in and you see all the seats full people from all ages studying like sheep in a thirsty manner so they pass some theoretical tests which will give them a printed paper diploma which will give them a job which will give them money, it is a disturbing and depressing scene. We are all controlled and subjugated. We are not free. Man must me free. Why do we have to spend a beautiful summer day locked in a prison called the library having to study stupid pedantic theories and diagrams and formulas. Why does our social system create problems in the first place then require highly specialized jobs to deal with them, why even have a system that creates problems unnecessarily in the first place. We wouldn't even need 5% of the doctors we have if our society wasn't structurally broken in a way to have junk food designated as normal en route to giving 10s of millions of people unnecessary diabetes, or unnecessarily giving 10s of millions of people cavities so that someone spends 10 years in a library becoming a dentist to fix. 1 step backwards 1 step forward. Why even take the hindstep. Then we need psychologists because everybody has mental health issues, well of course we will have mental health issues if we have to go to a prison called a library and be forced to study. These are just some examples.

Learning should be a journey of self-discovery, not imposed; it should be voluntary, not mandatory; it should be creative, not mechanistic; it should be spontaneous, not ritualistic.

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