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Foreskin Question

I asked a question about my foreskin on here earlier, and I have another. How old were you when you first retracted your foreskin, and what are the differences between what your penis looked and felt like skin-back then vs. what it looks and feels like now.

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I guess I should consider myself lucky after reading some of the problems guys have had with theirs. Mine has always retracted for as long as I can remember. In fact, I remember when I was very young and my parents started letting me bathe myself that they reminded me to "pull the skin back" to clean it. So mine has always looked the same. Of course, it's gotten bigger since then, but otherwise the same.

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It seems like you got all the info you need from your other threads. What are you still unsure about?

My experience is the same as BigBlue's. My parents told me to pull it back when I bathed, and doing so has been a normal part of peeing, washing and masturbation for as long as I remember.

Apparently this was/is quite a big issue. Doctors/parents use to force it back, or prematurely diagnose phimosis (sometimes treated by circumcision) when it was too tight instead of giving it time to develop/stretch. Wikipedia has a concise and balanced description:

At birth, the foreskin is often still fused with the glans.[9] As childhood progresses the foreskin and the glans gradually separate, a process that may not be complete until late puberty.[10] Thorvaldsen and Meyhoff (2005) reported that 21% of 7-year-old boys had non-retractable foreskins, and this number dropped to 7% at puberty, with first retraction at an average age of 10.4 years.[11] Wright (1994) argues that forcible retraction of the foreskin should be avoided and that the child himself should be the first one to retract his own foreskin.[12] Attempts to forcibly retract it can be painful and may injure the foreskin.[13]

You should see a doctor about getting some cream.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 years ago

It is just still really tight weeks after I have fully retracted it. I can pull it over pretty easily now, but it is still just a little painful. I don't like to masturbate with my foreskin retracted because it hurts when I throb, but I do sometimes in hopes that it will stretch or loosen up.

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Well, yeah, it's gonna take some time to stretch. Ideally you will eventually be able to have it go up and down fully when you're fully erect without any pain/discomfort.

I'm guessing you haven't you seen a doctor yet.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 years ago

Yeah, although the other day when my gf was giving me a blowjob, it went back without any effort and I didn't even notice. Hmm.

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I guess I was about 12, maybe 13. I remember it distinctly because I was quite afraid of doing it (no education about it really). I was REALLY worried that pulling it back over the ridge on the head would expose veins everywhere and blood would gush out or something, it was really scary!

I gradually pulled it back more and more when I was playing around with myself at night (I hadn't ever orgasmed at this point), and one night, pop, it was over. I guess it was a bit tight back then, because now it rolls back easily. Fun.

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I don't remember being nonretractable, so it must have happened before I "discovered" penis play.

I remember my glans was "ticklish" and I didn't touch it much. Once I started paying attention to hygiene, I started soaping and rinsing daily. This caused the glans to get even more hypersensitive and my foreskin shrank so it wouldn't close at the end - sometimes painful when the meatus touched my clothes while walking.

Later I learned to stop soaping altogether and to rinse with water only, and rarely. The return of smegma, though not much because I was still jerking off daily, helped recondition the glans and inner foreskin.

But the big boost came when I started coating the glans with pure aloe gel after each shower. The glans got softer, darker, and less hypersensitive. The foreskin got longer and more pliable, forming a "nipple" like it did when I was a boy. My wife gave it thumbs-up for the softness and flexibility.

Now the sensitivity is just where it should be. I can even dry everything off for a dry rub handjob from my wife, and it feels so good I ejaculate very quickly if I want to.


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