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True story. RIP Jerry.

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Life is funny like that.

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Magic Johnson talked a lot about how Jerry loved the ladies on ESPN today. Seriously. Like multiple times he mentioned it. Dr. Love Buss. RIP

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2 points · 6 years ago

Going along with this the 30 for 30 about Magic is pretty good about informing you about how AIDS was viewed then. Give it a watch

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How? How could it have been the Orlando Magic? For one thing, it's a proper noun as well. Correct capitalization wouldn't have helped at all. For another, we're talking about living people. Would your head really shoot to a franchise before one of the most famous players in any sport (and one famous for outliving a death-sentence)?

You guys are way overplaying how unclear this was.

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I thought it was Magic the gathering, as I don't know who Buss is, and I though he was one of the guys that started MTG and no-one believed it would be a success. Until I checked subreddit. *spelling

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But... proper grammar wouldn't have helped with that either.

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That's a good point. I was primarily replying to your last statement, and not the part about Orlando Magic :)

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I'm really not trying to make a big deal out of this- sorry for offending you. I won't make blanket statements about everyone, but I think many people, including myself- don't read every single word in a sentence. We skip around to keywords and infer the meaning of the sentence.

Also, depending on a person's background, mindset, or recent exposure to some topic, a general word like "magic" can be interpreted a few ways. Is "Orlando Magic" the most likely? Probably not, but it was something that people would have to think about once you realize that correct capitalization wasn't used, and the definition of "paranormal voodoo" was not the intended one.

Also, people who don't take care to punctuate properly are often the ones who make other minor grammar mistakes- so it's not always a fair assumption that a person like this didn't mean "The Magic" as in the team but simply _ a word.

Again, I wasn't trying to make a big deal out of this, but just because you understood someone's bad grammar doesn't mean that other people didn't have to stop and rethink about something. I'm sure you've let a punchline fly over your head once or twice before.

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Right, but my point is that the grammar had nothing to do with it. If it were capitalized, you'd have been just as confused. So you're being "one of those grammar nazis" even though it isn't really relevant.

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Ugh. Can we not argue just to argue? I'll admit that I'm an idiot for not automatically understanding the author's meaning on the first try. You can admit that the meaning would have been much clearer if he had said "Magic Johnson" instead. Here's how my thought process went-

1: Read semi-ambiguous text.

2: Looked at subreddit for context clues.

3: Thought about meaning of word "magic" as they relate to sports.

4: Thought about Orlando Magic for half a second until I re-read the original text.

5: Realized that it was Magic Johnson and decided to comment to support another human being who wasn't clear on the meaning either.

I don't think you get a free pass to say that i would have been "just as confused" if it was capitalized- since the thought process to look for a proper noun in that context may have triggered Magic Johnson first. Neither you nor I can presume what I would have thought. Can we be friends now?

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Dallas Cowboys
-1 points · 6 years ago

I wonder what aids Magic in staying live.

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2 points · 6 years ago

He scored Atripla double.

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Oklahoma City Thunder
1 point · 6 years ago

AWWW snap!

I used to be a pharm. tech. W/O insurance, Atripla is like $1600 for a 30 day supply?! It's still hundreds w/insurance too.


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