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S38 Episode 1
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60 points · 2 months ago

That was one of my favourite Survivor premieres in recent memory. It checked all of the boxes that it needed to. I got to hear from the returnees about how they want to change their games this season. I got to know some newbies who have already piqued my interest. And that tribal council was fascinating. My favourite part was that the twist was not in any way intrusive and actually provided one of the best moments of the episode, in Reem's look of terror as she walks on the island.

I'm glad to see David and Wentworth working together. The way they annihilated their target was very impressive. Reem really didn't stand a chance, unfortunately. Their strangle hold on this tribe might become obvious too soon though.

I loved Keith and Reem's story. Reem reluctantly stepping into a motherly role in the tribe. Keith wanting a mother figure on the island but knowing that person is a hindrance to his game. Keith practicing his swimming actually warmed my heart.

Wendy is a breath of fresh air on Survivor. Seeing someone so unabashedly themselves on TV and in the game is so cool. The inclusion of someone with Tourette's syndrome seems belated, but is so welcome.

I'm excited to see more from Ron, Gavin, Wardog and Rick.

The main problem with this premiere was that it was too short. I wanted to see more of these people, especially Aubry and the Kama women.

This was a great start to EoE. Can't wait 'til next Wednesday!

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absolutely one of my fave premieres in some time, maybe especially thanks to that beautiful cinematography of Reem arriving (/being kicked off the boat without a word in complete darkness at) Extinction Island.

magical, felt like a movie and with a proper cliffhanger ending too *clapping*

yes, I am so sad it wasn't 20-40 minutes longer tho, the episode really deserved it.

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I totally agree it was too short! I was surprised when I checked my TV guide and saw it was only an hour. I would've thought the premiere would be 2 hours.

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