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S38 Episode 4
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Survivor: Edge of Extinction | Episode 4 | Pacific Time Discussion

Season 38, Episode 4: I Need a Dance Partner

Aired: March 13, 2019

Synopsis: Castaways drop their buffs and switch things up, and Edge of Extinction heats up when an eliminated castaway has to face people they blindsided.

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Best coast we in here

East coast person passing by....


Getting closer to the Santa Clara casting call, can’t wait! For now hopefully this tribe swap episode will be fun

Wow that's how they're treating Chris

Wow well that tribe swap sucks.


‪Wendy just got Amber’d by this tribe swap‬


‪Wendy is still on the tribe with her tighest alliance, the chickens!” I love Rick’s confessionals ‬

Swap may have saved Queen Wendy....for now.

It’ll be here forever

I’m scared for Aubry and Wentworth 🙇🏻‍♀️


Yeah it was surreal how much that sucked.

Interesting swap. Kelley lucked out. Majority plus an idol so that’s awesome.

I think it was FairPlay that said it on RHAP this week, but in the pregame it was 50/50 if he was gonna be funny or obnoxious. So far I’m loving every second of him.


Tonight I joined team Wendy.


Great editing the Ron and Julia espionage conversation


Ohhhh, a Survivor flashback! Have we seen one before?


Victoria: I would love a chicken.

Wendy twitches

Dude this chick is tripping.

And just like that, we are back to killing the chickens.

Wendy's eyebrow on "rotisserie chicken." Editing gold.

Just tuned in. Wendy what are you doing girl?

This episode is very good.

We better be heading to a quit based on a mid-episode return to Extinction.

Why the hell is he feeding em

The editing tonight is for the charts

wait actually the EOE cinematography and editing is gorgeous

Extinction island is giving me old school original survivor vibes since it's survival focused and not strategy focused right now. I'm surprised how much I like it

It’ll be here forever

Reem is hilarious

Yeah I was excited to see how people would handle that part of the social politics. But obviously they doesn’t know what the hell is going on, so he might think it’s the outcast twist and he needs to be in their good graces.

Missed the first 5 minutes. Got here after they drew buffs, what was the flashback to?

Is Wendy trying to get voted out?

Ladies and gentlemen, the first mention of tribal cannibalism in 38 seasons.

If they really want to make Wendy suffer. Capture and kill all the chickens in one day, even if you can’t eat em all


‪Either Joe likes that second immunity idol or he wanted to reference the bird signal he made when Probst introduced and explained the no collar tribe in the World’s Apart premiere. Probably the former‬

God this challenge looks fucking awful/hard. The slippery ramps is hilarious

Interesting challenge.

I need david and rick to survive pls win


‪Make that 11 straight Tribal challenges Joe has won‬

David or rick are going home rip

I'm starting to think Kelley and David may not be good at puzzles.


Lesu proving that if you spray paint the same broken car, it’s still going to work the same lol

This is the first season my boyfriend has watched as its airing (and hes only seen Vanuatu, Palau, Cagayan, and San Juan del Sur before this). During the EOE scene he goes "man that'd be cool if they did head to head challenges to kick people off EOE." Ahh yes, that is a little thing we like to call Redemption Island....

I love the Cleveland Browns reference from Kelley. But it hasn’t aged well, especially since yesterday haha


At that point it couldn’t have hurt to given the mathematician on their tribe in Wardog a try

I think Kelley's got Lauren pretty locked in and The Wardog has been protecting her as much as he can all season so I'm thinking he'll be with her as long as he can.

You see Ron and Joe talking at the well, allegedly making an alliance. Then flashback to 20 mins earlier when Ron tells Julia to search Joe's bag for an idol while he keeps him busy at the well for as long as possible


I guess that’s what happens when the season is filmed before the new nfl season haha a lot can change since then

David and Rick are the minority on that tribe.

Oh man Lauren, but she has the idol.


‪News flash: David STILL wants Wentworth gone, but it’s STILL not the right time. This is like the reverse Sandra targeting Russell because at least this time David has more opportunities than Sandra did‬

Julia had the biggest reaction to Chris being voted out and Jeff still asked Ron about it lol.

Kelley saying Wardog playing Survivor like it's poker like it's a bad thing.

Wow. Wendy is the obvious boot if Manu loeses :(

Man this episode is quality.

What an amazing episode

I need a dance partner. That's Kelly, you two are meant to be, good duo. Until she switches to Lauren as a failsafe.

OMG! Ron you sneaky smartass! LOVE YOU!

No confession from Julia yet but she's getting enough screen time today.


In this vote it’s not as clear cut but I mainly meant the previous tribals

Omg the news intro! Just died 😂


‪The news report at Tribal Council is awesome, reminded me of the morning show in Marquesa‬s

There's a really interesting dark/light tone in this episode.

Wow, I don't ever remember a tribe being this sad to lose someone

Who is kick

Devins... No

Noooooooooooooo I loved him and David together


Who put onions on my TV? Rick :(

That episode really felt like an all-timer. At least for pre-merge.

Between Wendy, David, and Joe, the one I care about losing the least is Joe, so I’m hoping Kama loses. Otherwise, I pray David finds the Lesu idol.

Yikes at Lesu losing.

Wendy is the worst. So annoying.

Now that the focus is on Lesu there's going to be no Julia confession. 4 episodes and still nothing.

It is for the other people. You're not going to sit around telling the cameras how stoked you are on not being able to read someone

So we have two obvious boots for next week right now - David and Wendy depending on which tribe loses.

Episode 1 of last season had a flashback involved in Dan's idol find. Showed him with the idol in a confessional, then showed how he got it.

David shoulda gotten rid of Wentworth when he had his first chance, now she's running the show.

So, anyone care to explain why Rick and David took that lying down? It seemed pretty obvious when wardog talked to David that wardog wasn't going to vote for Lauren, and at very most, you could say that wardog was 50/50.

What I wonder is why David or Rick didn't go to Lauren and say, "you know wardog threw out your name, said you not eating good scares him, and he is writing down your name." To me, this makes sense to Lauren, as you saw in her confessional, and just makes sense moving forward to have a group of 4 with two sets of two, rather than a set of two and a solo player, who surely will flip.


How perfect would the foreshadowing be if Rick won his way back into the game in a wall-smashing challenge?

I think I'm going to write some fan fiction where David does not get voted in episode. Because that's the only universe where he won't get voted out at his next tribal council.

i'm so sad :(

I really thought it was going to be Lauren. I was rooting for her before this episode, but turns out she's more emotionally and physically weak than I thought. Don't slaughter me with downvotes, this game is cutthroat. Also, I was disappointed Rick went mostly because I'm now mostly rooting for David and Ozzy..I mean Malcolm...wait Joe.


Wendy is indefensible as a player, and yet i root for her to survive each week.

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