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This FAQ should provide answers for all your questions about /r/Survivor flair.

What is flair?

Like many other subreddits, /r/Survivor allows users to pick flairs. These are the grey/gold rectangles next to usernames, which typically display the name of current-season players.

How do I get flair?

Go to this page and follow the instructions. Also, make sure you check the box beside "show my flair on this subreddit" (it's below the two submit buttons on the sidebar) so that your flair actually shows up.

How long do flairs last?

Flairs last until you choose to remove them entirely or select a new one. If you have a special type of flair (discussed below) that is not publicly available anymore, if you switch to a new one you can't get your old one back!

What's with the different flair colors?

Gold Flairs

Gold flairs are special flairs available only during the pre-season and for a number of days after the season premier. Users have chosen these flairs based on early impressions about players.

Mold Flairs

Every week, as contestants get voted out, gold flairs of that contestant will become faded, representing that they are out of the game. Don't worry; when the final standing gold flair converts into a special winner flair at the end of the season, all vanquished mold flairs will rise again and become normal gold flairs.

Changing flairs from gold to "mold" will happen the Tuesday after an episode. This ensure that nothing is spoiled, and represents the gold flairs disappearing right before the next episode, where the contestant is no longer in the game.

Silver Flairs

A number of days after the premier, mods replace the gold flairs with silver flairs. This does not affect the gold flairs already selected — it just means that you cannot switch your flair anymore without it changing to silver. Thus, gold flairs mean that a user has stuck with that player's flair for a while, sometimes over the course of multiple seasons.

Winner Flairs

You will also notice some brightly-colored flairs. After a season is over, gold flairs of that season's winner are automatically changed into a special flair.

Grey Flairs

Custom flairs will be grey in color. You can read more about custom flairs below.

Are gold flairs the same thing as winner picks?

No. Winner picks are separate from flairs. Your flair does not have to be the same as your winner pick. Typically, winner picks must be submitted prior to the airing of the season premiere, whereas gold flairs can be picked until shortly before the second episode. A correct winner's pick will net you a badge that is permanent and not tied to your flair. Gold flair of the winner will be converted to a special flair, but this is not permanent and needs to be given up to change your flair.

You can read more about winner picks and badges here.

What happens with gold flairs if that player returns or someone with the same name plays?

The mods keep track of each gold flair belongs to which season. For instance, we can differentiate between S33 Michaela gold flairs and S34 Michaela gold flairs. When a player wins, all gold flairs of that player from that season and any season they were previously on will be converted into winner flairs.

If a player who already won returns, any winner flairs from the season they won will stay intact. There will be gold flairs available for the player in their new season, but they will not be the previous winner flair. If you have a winner flair from that season and want to chance a new winner flair, you will have to select a gold flair from that player and lose your previous winner flair permanently. For instance, a Tony winner flair from Cagayan will not be affected by his placement on Game Changers. If someone with a Tony Cagayan flair wants a shot at a Tony Game Changers winner flair, they would have to select a gold flair for Game Changers. On the other hand, anyone picking a Tony gold flair for Game Changers would not get his Cagayan winner flair.

What are custom flairs? How do I get one?

You may have noticed that some users have grey flairs that display humorous references — like "American Immunity Idol" — or classic players who pre-date this subreddit — like Jonny Fairplay. These are custom flairs. If you have a specific custom flair you want, please follow the instructions here. Please understand that when you pick a custom flair, it's expected that you'll keep it for some time. And please don't request anything obscene, offensive, or which spoils the current season. (It is for those three reasons that we don't allow users to edit their own custom flairs.)

Why do some flairs have heads?

These are custom mod flairs, given to ourselves because we have the Medallion of Power want to stand out in the conversations as mods.

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