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Update #6: the last one for now, probably. (Bonus update 5 dlc)

Update #5 (November 17th.) So, she only texts me on weekends. usually around the 5:30-7:30pm she'll send a text. on Sunday, she tried video calling me. she said it was an accident but, I don't know. it just lasted so long (that's what she said) that it seemed like she was waiting for me to answer. anyway, good conversation about old games and road trips, I'm feeling good with how everything is going. anyway night. (I'm overthinking it.)

Update #6 (the meat.)

That was it. at the end of update 5, she ended it with "It was good talking to you again!" and I said the same, and that was it. it's about to be 3 weeks since we talked. a week later (since she texts me on weekends) I realized why she didn't text me, it's because she didn't say she would. she usually says "I'll text you next weekend?" or "I got to go to sleep now, but I'll text you tomorrow!" but uh, she didn't say that this time. I know if I just text her, then she'll probably respond, but for some reason I can't get myself to do it. for some reason I feel so dumb. recently, I've been realizing about how lonely I am. I have no friends at my school, I only get to see my old friends like, every 3 months and I have no one to just, love. I literally high five myself whenever I make a good joke and I never leave my house besides school and errands. that guy who made the post about being 'Heart Horny' really struck me. anyway, sorry for making this way long.

TL;DR: I'm not in bois.

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Just text her

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