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PEN15 - Series Premiere Discussion


Premise: The comedy co-created by Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle and Sam Zvibleman is set in middle school with Erskine and Konkle playing 13-year-old versions of themselves.

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I can't watch this. I really want to, but the fact that I'm watching 30 year olds play 13 year olds.... I can't get over it. Is this a fucking joke? Like who thought that was a good idea?

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Yes, it's the joke. They're not trying to hide that fact.

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That's great, still doesn't make it any better.

Telling me this pizza is my favorite local pizza, when it is clearly Little Caesars pizza, doesn't make the pizza taste any better.

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Comment removed by moderator1 month ago(1 child)
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Thats a really appropriate question. I mean, only a mentally challenged person would have a problem with a 31 year old playing a 13 year old on screen.

You are, truly, the most appropriate of people I have ever met. Bravo.

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This show is like Big Mouth. Not for the faint of heart but I truly think the creators and writers are geniuses the way they were able to so accurately capture all the feelings, tribulations and familiar parts of going through puberty in such a way that can be so entertaining and bring so many laughs. I loved this show so much, it's honestly bold for paving a new path in teenage shows by using actual 13 year old actors play 13 year olds. It's just crazy. Watching this show really made me look back at the awkwardness of middle school with clearer understanding as an adult to see things as hilariously less dramatic as I thought they were. This show is certainly not going to be for everyone. I remember when Big Mouth came out, the majority of people I knew were repulsed and hated it. But I absolutely loved PEN15.

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It made me remember stuff from middle school that I totally forgot about but it was so on point about lying, friendships, discovering the other gender as sexual beings. I thought it was so funny how they are like in their 30s too. Maya actually looks like she’s in middle school

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Is that supposed to be read as PENIS?

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You were never part of the pen15 club?

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8 points · 2 months ago

It's getting some good reviews from media outlets but I'm not seeing a lot of social media discussion. But maybe that will change. There's also a subreddit on here at r/PEN15.

I thought it captured the era so well, the AIM episode gave me so much adrenaline. I also liked that the show resists what seemingly other shows of that nature would do...having characters use "the r word" or say "that's so gay" a lot. I just kept waiting for it to happen and to have to groan when it did, but it never happened---and that has to be intentional?

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I loved the show because it’s so spot on in the era and for the age group. The characters are unique and likeable. As an adult male it feels weird to watch middle schoolers go through this stuff, but I totally relate to a lot of this stuff. I found myself cringing a lot in this, but I appreciated how it was a feeling I don’t often feel watching a lot of shows. Very unique show and oddly satisfying. Definitely not for everyone and if you can’t get past the first episode you won’t like the rest. At the same time there are school tropes that are just kind of expected and the story isn’t particularly surprising in any way. If you appreciate good character work and super realistic nostalgia, you’ll enjoy this.

level 2

The thing I loved is that it really was like middle school for me and others I know who’ve watched it. The masturbation episode was so on point! Especially for me as a dude and I think most dudes (even though most wont admit it) started masturbating like crazy. I’m not surprised women did either everyone in this country wants to think women don’t have sex drives.

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Why is there almost no discussion for this show? I'm loving the heck out of it regardless of the cringey parts and vulgarity. I was really caught off guard by it.

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10 points · 2 months ago

Hulu gets a lot of hate on reddit because it has ads (and pointing out they have an ad-free option doesn't seem to change anyone's opinion). Outside of The Handmaid's Tale, I really don't see much discussion at all about their original series.

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I fucking love this show! Upgrading my Hulu was soooooo worth it. Night and day difference no 90-120 seconds three times an episode fuckkkkk that

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I have the ad-free option and it absolutely changed my opinion of the service. I went a long time with my wife just doing it for free, then eventually pay for the ad version since she would watch the dancing shows or the weekly shows. Then once we made the switch to ad-free we've been very happy. Hulu has a lot more current content that we enjoy, I'd say even more so than Netflix. It's crazy for us because we really liked Netflix but as time goes on Hulu has only got a whole lot better.

I just hope people can give it a chance, especially with how many current shows are actually on the service for the price you pay.

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-4 points · 2 months ago

After seeing ads for this for a while on this subreddit, I wondered for a while what pen15 means. Now I realized what it means and that explains perfectly the 80/100 score for this trash and 80+ score for another recent trash show (I am not even leaving the name here)

Explanation: TV critics are just perverts.

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You must think playboy is the devils handbook. Did you not go through puberty? It’s pretty fucking spot on

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-2 points · 2 months ago

Get lost

level 5

Nah I’m good you are the one butthurt over a comedy show

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-4 points · 2 months ago

i said: get lost, shithead

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4 points · 1 month ago

you still riled up about this?

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Ohhhhh nooooo! The super sensitive person is demanding something. Why would you think I would listen to you after you say everyone is a pervert who critically liked it? Most asinine thing I’ve heard today

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13 points · 2 months ago

Well, if you grew up in the 90s or early 2000s kids would be like, "Hey, wanna join the Pen 15 club? Let me write it on your hand." Then they would and you would see what it really spelled. It's not random.

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