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Ice skating on ponds, lakes, and quarries

Hi, I don't live in Vermont, but I'm there for work a lot. I grew up playing hockey, but I've never skated on a frozen body of water, and I'd really like to.

I know people skate on the lake up in Burlington, but it's understandably pretty hard to find spots to skate outdoors in VT-- liability, probably no money to be made.

Do you live near a spot where people skate at their own risk? Do you know if a place?

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Many Towns put up rinks. Skating on a lake is a short season due to snow. This year opportunities will likely be nonexistent.

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I'm up on the islands and skate on Champlain. We just bring a snow shovel and clear a bit. You could just go to the boat drops, that way you have access. I usually see skaters near the rouses point/Alburgh drop or near mim's landing.

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If you're in Chittenden County, Mallet's Bay in Colchester also has a bunch of outdoor skating spots -- check for pond hockey tournaments, find those sites, and contact the organizers!

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I’ve seen people skating on Lowell Lake in Londonderry a few times

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I have a small pond (quarter acre) in Chester, and we snowblow it all winter. We keep it open and available for anyone who wants to skate.

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Not in VT, but Occom Pond in Hanover, NH (just over the border, part of Dartmouth) does hockey later in the winter, as well as a huge ice carnival - think 100 people on the ice.

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Also, people definitely skate at their own risk on frozen lakes. Avoid the edges, cut through the ice in one spot to check the thickness, bring a snow shovel, don't skate alone, and bring a long rope to help someone if they fall through. As long as you use common sense you should be fine.

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I don't think it's hard to find places to skate outdoors at all, but I live near a ton of ponds and pretty close to the lake. If you can't find a place to skate you're doing something wrong.

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I was just noticing today that the retreat meadows (a backwater in Brattleboro at the junction of the West and Connecticut rivers, on Rte 30) was looking really good for skating.

Its several acres, and usually home to a few dozen ice fishing shacks once the ice gets thick enough to hold them.

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As others have said, main issue is snow covering the ice. One option that avoids this is Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee. The Resort clears snow off of a 4 mile loop on the lake for skating. Don't believe it's open yet for the season, and you'll have to pay an entrance fee, but a solid day out.

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