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Getting into the Transmog market

Hello again guys! I've heard a lot of folks mention in both this subreddit and /r/wowgoldmaking that they have had a lot of success with transmog markets. I've personally never gotten heavily involved with this one and was curious how it is done? Is there a list of items you look for on the AH at a cheap price and re-sell or do you farm areas with a high drop rate on these sets?

Also, if you guys do have a list of popular transmog items would you be willing to share it? Thanks!

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Hi! This is my thing. I constantly have around 1000 transmog auctions up. I spend about an hour/day posting everything, and do quite well. My server is quite flooded so I can't price it quite as high as others.

I buy almost everything below 50g. I sell most pieces for 500g, but some of the fancier ones for 800g (I'll mark these with a * below). You'll have to play around with this for a bit and figure out what works best for your server.

You'll also definitely need to download TSM and set up auctioning groups, so you don't have to post everything individually. There are plenty of guides around so I won't type it out, but if you're lost give me a yell.

These are the sets I find are the coolest looking/sell quite well. The ones marked with a * are ones I post a little higher.

  • Bloodscale*

  • Bloodfist

  • Boulderfist

  • Glorious*

  • Glimmering*

  • Blood Knight*

  • Jade*

  • Heavy Lamellar

  • Ornate*

  • Champion's

  • Conqueror's

  • Silver Thread Robe*

  • Alabaster

  • Bloodforged*

  • Valourous

  • Gothic

  • Revenant (the level 50ish version, not level 79)

These are just off the top of my head, so apologies if I've missed some, but this covers most. It's mostly Plate and Mail as well, but I've found most cloth/leather isn't as awesome.

I also sometimes browse the shields that are posted. The ones that have skulls on them, or are gold-ish, are usually most popular.

You can put all these into a shopping list in TSM as well, and tell it to buy any under a certain price. Makes it all nice and easy.

Good luck!

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Original Poster1 point · 6 years ago

Thanks a lot!

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If you use TSM, try out my lists.

They're not perfect, but they're pretty comprehensive. Use mogit to decide what things are worth

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Original Poster1 point · 6 years ago

Thanks a lot, mate. That helps a lot!

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1 point · 6 years ago · edited 6 years ago

EDIT: Solved EDIT 2: Hey, i was just wondering if you had an exported list of the 4 transmog groups that you use. This is my first time trying to sell and I know you said go by what looks cooler, but I truthfully can't break each item down into four categories lol.

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Transmog is fun, but be warned... it's a very slow (but good) money maker. Couple that with the fact that the best way to get pieces is to actively farm it for what could be hours, and you've got a general idea of how much time it takes.

The Undermine Journal is probably the best resource for figuring out what to price things at, and to gauge how popular transmog is on your server. The "Great Deals" and "Unusual Items" pages on it are super handy. The former lets you see items that are listed for way cheaper than they should be, and the latter shows items that haven't been on the AH in a while that just got put up.

Basically the way it's done is you're going to want to go after the rare/nice looking sets and try and sell them for as much as you can. Each set tends to have an item or two that is harder to come by than the others, and for those you're going to have to farm. Usually that item tends to be either a chest piece or pants.

There's a number of Plate and Mail sets that will sell for a very good amount of money. A quick run down of them would be:


Glorious, Jade, Lofty, Vanguard, Saltstone, Exalted


Bloodlust, Magnificent, Glimmering, Battleforge, Blood Knight, Chief Brigadier

That being said it all depends on the server. On mine some of those don't go for even half of what they should. On another they could be the hottest set. THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE will get you started. It's a bit dated and things on here aren't in stone. See what's up on your server and be your own judge. The links to each armor class is on the side.

As a general rule when you start; avoid Leather and Cloth. They don't sell anywhere near as well as Plate and Mail and the options for different sets are frankly, quite boring.

I don't buy anything on the AH that's listed over 100g, meaning I will only flip an item if it's up for less. There are rare cases where a very good piece will go up for more, and I'll snag it.

Above all else, remember you need patience. I just sold a pair of Jade Legplates for 8000g, which is actually a bit under the global average. Thing is, I had those up in the AH for 3 months before they sold. It also took me weeks and weeks to come across them.

So that's the very basics, if you want I can talk more about it, or add you to Real ID if you really wanna know more lol. Also getting AH addons for this are pretty key. I personally don't use TSM which is a huge mistake on my part, but I have other mods I use.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 years ago

Thanks a lot for the help! I figured Transmog markets would be more of a time sink and waiting game. It just interested me as something to do in my down time. I've begun making more things in larger quantities as my seed money rises so I don't have to run around on various alts to craft all my stuff everytime I need to post.

I'm still new to this whole thing, so I'm always interested in more information/help in getting started. I'll PM you my battletag if you like :)

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Go for it.

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Check out the lists provided here. Pricing list and auctionator shopping lists.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 years ago

Thank you very much!

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Original Poster2 points · 6 years ago

Thanks everyone for all the information! Hopefully after I read through all these links I'll be ready to dive in to the market :)

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I use the underminejournal and The transmog items just depend on your server, mine practically has no trasmog market but I still buy really under priced transmog items.

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1 point · 6 years ago

Cloaks seem to be the easiest, find some decent colour ones that match tier sets and you're good to go

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