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4% earn more, 90% earn less.

Doesn't say anything about wealth though.

Big HECs debt that didn't get me a job. Delayed purchasing of a house that meant I payed more than anyone ever had before for a roof over my head.

Yeah I don't have to worry about financial security too much, but I'm also not living in a house in an inner city suburb and driving a nice car, nor could I afford to.

I can see why so many people are losing hope when being in the top 10% of incomes buys you a 3br house 60km from the city.

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6% earn more.

Live comfortably, within my means but far from extravagant. Have money for emergencies if something breaks in the house but no money to splurge. What money I have goes in to savings which I have some now but nothing to shout about, well not enough for a deposit for the mean average house price in Sydney and enough to service the mortgage.

$500 a week rent in a inner city unit block that also has housing association tenants and some slightly dodgy residents, going beyond 500 would have a significant effect on disposable income. $10k second hand Toyota Corolla that the girlfriend uses for work, no holidays.

Unlikely I’ll own a house within the next few years. I don’t spend excessively, don’t wear expensive clothes, I keep getting told to buy some as mine are old and wearing, I don’t drink or have vices, I don’t eat out at expensive pretentious restaurants etc.

I haven’t got it tough but far from what most would consider a top 6% earner to have/live. I find Sydney expensive to live which means the reality is people in far less than me are struggling to survive and not even close to living modestly.


Hi, just wondering what people’s after sales experiences have been like from dutchware?

I purchased some items from them 7+ weeks ago, the items have not arrived and USPS tracking only lists the item arriving at the initial distribution center, no further updates since.

I’ve contacted Dutchware to see if they can report a missing parcel with USPS as delivery is 7-21 days and I am at more than double that with no USPS updates and the parcel look landed in my country as my local post service have no reference to it other than the USPS post date.

Dutchware seem to be reluctant contacting USPS. Only the sender of an international parcel can report a parcel missing with USPS so there is little I can do. My last email to dutchware saying I am disappointed they will not issue a missing parcel claim after 7 weeks went unanswered.

The shipping issue lies with USPS not dutchware but if dutchware will not contact USPS as the shipper I’m powerless to get it resolved. So far I’ve waited 7 weeks patiently for shipping that should be in the 7-21 days range, I’m not sure what can be done until they contact USPS keeping in mind USPS only accept miss parcel claims from the sender.

Has anyone else had similar experiences or suggestions on getting them to submit a missing parcel request to usps which only they can do?

I only purchased from them based on all the good posts and feedback from forums/online so it’s disappointing to have these issues which should be solved with them filling in a few details on the USPS website.


I’ve had excellent experience with them. This is surprisingly disappointing.

At this point you may want to look into doing a chargeback. You purchased something that did not arrive and the vendor will not help you get the item. Or maybe the threat will at least spur them to take action.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

Yes chargeback as the last resort, I’ll allow another 2 weeks without any action. I haven’t found any bad comments on Dutchware service which is why I thought I’d ask.

It is strange especially as it’s clear the issue is with USPS and they only need to contact them which makes the initial experience disappointing.

I’ve had excellent experiences with Dutch. I might repeat the email request and ask for the favor of a reply. Seems curious and uncharacteristic.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

Yes, generally heard good things and as the issue is with USPS and they only need to contact them as the sender makes it strange. I’ll give them another week then will have to look at chargebacks as the previous poster mentioned.

Hoping it can get resolved as was originally thinking to buy the winter cover for the hammock at some point.


I have a parcel shipped from USPS to Australia that has been "In Transit to Next Facility" for over 6 weeks. The parcel does not look to of arrived in Australia yet as AusPost who handle the parcel on the Australia side have no record of the parcel other than the post date 29th March.

The retailer I purchased from is not offering any help in contacting USPS to follow this up, they simply say to contact my local post office for more information. My local post office being Aus Post, in Australia who according to the USPS tracking and Aus Post tracking the parcel hasn't even reached yet so would be unable to help.

When I go to the USPS website for missing parcel enquiry form it asks for the 5 digit destination zip code, being an international parcel i don't have a 5 digit destination zip code. How do I contact USPS in regards to the parcel?

Tracking number is LZ597914308US


Try calling your local office and seeing what they can do.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

My local post office is in Australia, Aus Post not USPS. From the tracking information the parcel hasn't left the US and Aus Post have no reference of it other than the initial post date of 29th March provided by USPS.

Then reach out to the seller.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Yup, my original issue, the seller doesn’t seem to interested in contacting usps despite requesting multiple times and no way for me to contact them via the online interface as I am not the sender.

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From looking they have come down slightly, they seem better priced compared to what they where based on the fit/finish but still a lot of the places have been purchased a long time ago, let out and forgot about so shoddy decorating, old kitchen / bathrooms.

Places seem to be on the market now for several weeks, I've been in my current unit 3 years and when I was looking 3 years ago people where queuing out the door with pre-filled applications.

I have started to spot a couple of listings advertise first week free rent, even 6 months ago agents refused to negotiate on properties that had been on the market for weeks or accept applications if your move in date where 3 weeks away despite it being sat empty.

Do you have to re-negotiate your contract? If you are looking to move can you not go on a month by month basis? I've been on a month by month for the past two years, been looking to move for the past 6 or so, in no rush just waiting for the right place.

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

I'd like to have a chat atleast, if not negotiate. Prefer to be on a long term (1 yr min) lease because we have a fantastic daycare for our year old twins nearby.

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Yeah if you are happy where you are and want security makes sense, if anything you have a good negotiation standpoint if they try upping the rent, negotiating down when you are already in may be tuff unless there’s issues you need fixing.

> Tenants will be in a strong position to renegotiate their rents following a record surge in the number of Sydney rental properties sitting vacant.

Coincidentally the past few weeks I've seen a few lettings on Domain/RealEstate advertising free first week rent. It's only one or two I've seen but it does suggest a change with lettings struggling to secure tenants.

I suggest anyone using Kafka reads the paper: Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System by Leslie Lamport. That’s essentially Kafka in a nutshell.

You’ll have to contact them, then negotiate, if you have a big vanity company name that may help on prices as they like the PR and name dropping.

It’ll be based on number of brokers. Not seen actual contracts as not involved in that stuff on client sites but I’m sure they’ll be a clause saying it’s confidential and don’t share pricing.

Else where in the world "Third-Biggest U.S. Coal Company Files for Bankruptcy"

The nation’s third-largest coal company by production volume filed for bankruptcy Friday as utility companies increasingly turn to gas-fired generation and renewable energy for electricity.

Australia: let's dig more coal, don't be afraid it's just a lump of coal.

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