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A possible step forward for the online gambling market in the US.

Thanks for starting this! I love the excitement and faced paced play of crash games. I've tried the main one out there bustabit, ethercrash and elitecrash. So far my favorite has to be it has a very fun atmosphere in chat and they have a progressive bonus too called the "fatcat". I've never hit it but i have seen it hit a couple of times.

What is your favorite site and why do you like it?

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Thanks for the join! Glad to see others as excited about these games as I am! Do you chase the high multiplayers cryptocrashpanda? Or do you try to cash out low? I have seen people win with both strategies BUT I get too scared after 5x and always wimp out and cash out.

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Honestly I have tried multiple different methods with a mix bag of emotions coming with each one. I love the rush of betting big but the anxiety of a low crash and loss of bank roll is tough to swallow some times. My favorite way of recent is to bet reasonable and chase a high mult. the risk of the loss is not as great but the reward of hitting a high mult. is great. Plus for me I still get a nice rush when the mult gets above 50x and I see how much patience I have to chase a higher mult. Betting big or small I love the excitement of the game!

I really enjoy this style of game. They are fast paced, exciting and the chance to win big money quick exists. Personally I like playing at They also have a progressive bonus which is a cool concept on a game that already offers such a low house edge.

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