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What are you intersted in ? As a native french speaker, I could help you find channels if you'd like

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I guess gaming is what I watch most on youtube. Other than that, pop science or something in that general direction, and animation

You really do get stuck in your own little bubble on youtube, like 90% of my recommended is just stuff thats similar to what I already watch, though that's probably just the algorythm doing it's job

Yeah, you definitely do get stuck in your little bubble.

So, recommendations (sorry I don't really know the gaming community in the french speaking youtube so the recommendations will be very generic)


  • Monsieur Plouf is a video game critic who makes really cool animated chronicles.

  • un bot pourrait faire ça talks about video games in the context of seeing video games as an art form. His channel is really interesting.

  • Mistermv although he's mostly a streamer

  • Benzai another video game critic with an intersting twist. Also makes different stuff from time to time. He also made a movie which should be available on his channel

  • PsEuDoLeSs one more interesting video game critic.

Pop Science

  • e-penser talks about general science but has really stared making videos about physics.

  • Axolot. This guy talks about stuff that may not be known by the large public such interesting buildings and such

  • Linguisticae has a channel centered on linguistics.

  • Doc Geraud talks about game design.

  • Nota Bene talks about history and the such.

  • DirtyBiology makes a show about, well, biology.

  • horizon-gull. I really don't know how to describe him though.

As for animation, really don't know if we have some sort of a french speaking odd1sout or so.

Hope you find something you like !

I also strongly recommend bloqués which is a really funny series of very short episodes (~2 minutes)

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Thank you for taking time out of your day to help a stranger on the internet, I'll definitely check them out!

Merci beaucoup, gentil inconnu!

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Original Poster1 point · 18 hours ago

I know you are meme-ing probably but I can't risk it. Bangladesh is not inside India. Just like Canada is not inside America. 😂😂

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66 points · 2 days ago

Dead or survived? Imagine that nightmare of a guy running after you with a knife in his head?

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Well, he looks pretty alive. I think if the stab doesn't even incapacitate you and you go to a hospital right after, there shouldn't be a great risk of death

There'll probably be a big risk of death if he pulls it out. Let a hospital remove it and maybe you won't bleed to death.

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It doesn't look like it penetrated the skull very much, if at all. Since the scalp is pretty thin and not that vital, it doesn't have enough blood vessels to bleed to death. If it did penetrate, I think he has bigger problems than bleeding, but of course he should definitely not remove it himself

86 points · 3 days ago

A fantastic story if you pretend it ends with episode 8. (I think it's 8. It's the one with the pool.)

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I felt like it definetly had its low in the middle, but I found the end to be quite good. It tied it all together and for once I didn't feel like I had to read the LN afterwards just to get some closure. MC did choose the wrong girl though

What a perfect symbol of the main stream narrative about the threat if 'Nazis'. The outrage is 100 times greater than the threat.

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21 points · 4 days ago

I'd rather have this than it being the other way around.

He definitely deserves some loving after what we did to him by breeding his ancestors into looking like this...

116 points · 4 days ago

Pretty sure "Leger van Breda" is the name of the army, not the general

As awful as ICP is, I always thought it was odd how everyone grabbed on the magnets thing. It’s not that dumb to not understand how magnets work, like nobody really does. It takes a lot of education in math and physics to get a handle on the laws of E&M, and even still at some point asking “why” just gets you the answer of “we don’t know that’s just what has been observed in experiment.” It’s a legitimate thing to wonder about.

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That last part applies to everything we know about physics. Gravity? Gravitons, maybe, idk. Magnetism? Something with the spin of quarks, maybe, idk. Why are atoms the way they are? No clue

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