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Not me but my mother was in a relationship with a serial killer/pedophile. In the early to mid 80s my mom started dating this guy, she already had my older sister with another man, new boyfriend was a doting stepdad. They lived in Las Vegas, my mom ran Keno and he was a card counter. She'd help disguise him because he was black listed from most casinos for the aforementioned card counting. I came along, they continued to be the happy little super dysfunctional family until the FBI grabs my mom from work and interrogates her for hours about him. He's a rapist/pedophile/murder, my mom didn't know. She dabbled in low level criminality but not that stuff, splits town with us kids, gets back with older sisters dad. I grow up not knowing this until I'm 14 and my parents divorce and dad asks for a DNA test for me and I'm floored. Your dad isn't your dad it's actually this evil man who's on death row. My moms a huge drunk and drug addict she cant even speak to me about this without a full fledged mental break down, so everything i know is spotty. She passed away four years ago, I'm going through her stuff and find some letters from the history channel contacting her to participate in a documentary about him. One thing that chills me to my core, he used to call her his first victims name during sex. She swore she never knew until after the fact and i believe her.

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Now see this is the sort of weird shit that keeps me coming back to this old here internet.

This was back in 2017 - But I was wrong, it wasn't a fake/doctored video, he just spread a lie about the context of the video because it helped his propaganda. Trump tweeted out that it was a video of one kid beating up another and said "Muslim Migrant beats up Dutch boy" when both kids were Dutch.

And when Sanders got asked about why Trump is spreading misleading propaganda, all she said was "Well it's the threat that's real" - and not a single reporter followed her up with "If the threat is real, shouldn't he be using real facts and stories?" because none of them have a backbone.

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The failures of the press on the Trump front are so legion that history will remember them very, very poorly in all of this.

There isn't a single news source in the US that is covering the extent of this dangerous and ridiculous affair nearly well enough. It's an absolute disaster.

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Yep. The press is compromised.

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The press is owned by right-wing capitalists. They're loyal to themselves and their class. Some are nicer than others, but they all broadly agree on the fundamentals.

jesus, how did that fool anyone?

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Ask the legions of Jordan Peterson fanboys and you'll get an answer.

2 nominees from the UK.

Hedd Wyn (1993)

Country: United Kingdom

Language: Welsh

Solomon & Gaenor (1999)

United Kingdom

Language: Welsh, Yiddish

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Language: Welsh

Ok, you have my interest.

Language: Welsh, Yiddish

Well, now you have my attention.

If he comes in and leads the team in points in training camp we can't send him down.

We're all excited but pump those breaks.


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