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This is basically the exact same shit I found on my moms computer.

I was like what is this shit? And basically purged the entire computer , every BS search term, BS link, BS website, 100% inaccessible now :D

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I am really happy that my grandparents only use their devices to listen to kitschy 50s music and occasionally watch porn (Which I know because they keep downloading weird toolbars and whatnot bless their hearts)

How I will tell it

Edit:fixed some text in it

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Not being able to tell a joke gang represent

Ist das Fler? Gibt's den Hurensohn noch.

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I talked about this with a German friend recently. She said there was a TV show for kids that would reference this in their intro song, even though it wasn't true.

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It was even called Schloss Einstein. It's Weird. Cute show though.

but who's our Churchill?

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2 points · 1 day ago

Reelect Blair maybe for the imperialism vibe.

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like I can't tell if this is a serious comment or not. Discussing 'weakness' in terms of online commenting and propaganda's just so absurd and irrelevant I don't even know how to respond.

The willingness and readiness to abandon anything and everything given a slight breeze is weakness. The far left aren't willing to fight for anything. They're weak. They're hideously and disgustingly weak. They're impotent ideological dead-ends that exist as an affront to the natural order. Their weakness lends them to one fate. They will be conquered and dominated and winnowed. Likely from within by others who will seize what power they have at seeing the opportunity, which is already happening.

Edit: If it makes people feel better, the far-right are similarly weak, but for different reasons. They latch onto concepts of monolithic foes and inherent worth far too easily, and it renders them blind and controllable.

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5 points · 1 day ago

You sound like a villain from a bad 90s bond movie.

that sub is just garbage all the time which is not surprising considering its full of pewdiepie fans who are either 12 or the mental equivalent.

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