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So you don't want to spend any money, don't want to grind out all the battles and you don't want to save tokens over multiple events?

That's quite entitled.. you basically want it just for logging in.

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I have titans that have the same elemental damage but they are 2 stars not 3

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2star titans deal physical damage, not elemental (ie. ice)

Ended yesterday mate

I got armor X skill also on Auria. That's quite horrible then, no? Even health would have been better but I'd just wish it'd be any of the 3 offensive skills. It's so shitty that they gave the defensive skills as a possibility


I'll finish the whole event. Message me :)

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Message either barkoon3 or barkoon2. They are with TR all star clan. They are going for top 5 actually

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Ok thanks for this but I have a few Qs. Firstly, just leaving my earned relics uncollected will make it so when the next event comes they transfer? I thought I would lose them. Secondly. Should I be in a lower league to get easier battles?

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Yes. They will transfer. They will dissappear as long as there isn't an event going on but when the new event starts your old relics will be converted to that current events type. So save up like 20-30 of them over multiple events and when you see a titan you like, go for it.

Not at all. Save your gems for an event. You'll get a bunch of 4 star relics and 1 or possibly 2 4 star titans

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