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Its kind of annoying how Telltale ignored our decisions and didn’t even try to bring him back :(

Get a life dude. Take offense.

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Funny how common sense gets downvoted.

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Lmao the way he poked his head out and instantly dies

Marco 😢😭

Because the big 3 are forced to fight together. Thematic or not. The way they come together was forced.

In the same way you claim all the women came together.

It's two sides of the same coin, but you only dislike one. That makes you a hypocrite.

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The trio scene had meaning. It was their last bounce. The only ones that got out of the wreckage and were ready to fight Thanos. The scene with all the women was used to promote an agenda, like it was a cool scene but it made no sense how they all showed up there at once lol

Stop trying to defend something that had no value to the plot. It was only used to promote an agenda, one that should’ve been promoted long ago might I add...

Thats why I low key want to wait till all the episodes are out cause these “to be continued” endings have been killing me since I started watching the show when season 2 came out lol

I personally found it entertaining. Like a good “side story” about other survivors in the same universe as Rick Grimes and the gang. However, the show killed itself at the end of an amazing season 3 so🤷🏻‍♂️

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