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This is a done thing in some countries. Ours is an opt-in system, you have to specifically make it happen, but some countries have opt-out systems, where everyone is a donor unless they request otherwise. No need to make it mandatory, opt-out would provide an enormous number of organs.

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(from an older comment of mine, years ago)

So a lot of countries have tried a lot of really interesting things to make access to organ donations easier:

  • Israel makes it so that registered organ donors are given priority if they ever need an organ transplant. They skip ahead of all the non-donors on the transplant waiting list. Also, while it's illegal to buy and sell organs in Israel, the Israel public health plan will pay for you to travel to other countries and get transplant surgery there, even if the organs were sourced illegally in those countries.

  • Related to the above, until 2010 Colombia was one of the world leaders in transplant tourism, with many customers from Israel. In 2010 organized crime revolving around illegal organ trafficking got so bad that the state began tightly regulating and monitoring organ donations and specifically organ donations to foreigners. The black market crumbled, but it's now much more difficult for even Colombian citizens to get organs they need.

  • Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland, France, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Paraguay, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovak, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, and now Iceland all have "presumed consent" ("opt-out") systems. In many of these countries you are automatically considered an organ donor but when you die they check with your family and they can veto the donation. Spain has the highest rate of donor registry in the world.

  • Denmark (opt-in) lags all the other Scandinavian countries in terms of organ donor rates, and has recently considered legislation to switch to an opt-out system, but it has failed.

  • In Iran it's actually legal to buy and sell certain organs (in practice, mostly kidneys). As far as I know this is the only country where it's actually legal to sell your organ. The government even chips in if you do and provides you with additional healthcare for donating. As a result Iran is the only country in the world with no waitlists for kidney transplants, although a kidney will cost you anywhere from 150-200 million rial (USD 3000-5000). For perspective, the average annual family income in Iran is also about 200 million rial (USD 5000). Iran only allows Iranian citizens to buy and sell from other Iranian citizens.

  • The Australian government will pay living organ donors some AUD 4500 (USD 3400) for donating organs. The price is set by the government based on the minimum wage, and it is still illegal to buy or sell organs directly between private parties.

  • The Singaporean government does not allow people to buy and sell organs themselves but does allow patients to incentivize donations by paying for the costs associated with the transfer (the procedure itself, medical stay, loss of income from work, expected future medical expenses, etc.)

  • China used to harvest organs from dead prisoners, with over 90% of its organ donations coming from executed criminals. This was the case until a few years ago, when they got a lot of flack for people mysteriously disappearing, dying in prisons, and their organs going to the wealthy. They allegedly stopped using dead criminals for organ donations in 2014 but China has one of the largest black markets for organs.

  • It's worth noting that switching to a presumed consent/opt-out system doesn't automatically mean you're going to get a higher donor registry rate. Poland has an opt-out system but has a much lower donor rate than many opt-in countries, including the USA.

At the bottom too because it's so important: thank you for taking the time to read my comment. Please consider registering as an organ donor (US, intl)

The Netherlands does not have an opt-out system yet. It will, starting from the 1st of July next year

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Whoooops you're right. Looks like the law passed back in 2018 but it doesn't take effect until next year!

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Even if it’s 3D print they had to scale everything from a video game and do the math to make it fit their body. Plus paint, plus putting it all together, plus putting it on even. Like I’m so impressed. There’s got to be a lot of love to put in the amount of time they did to make this. And it fucking MOVES and LIGHTS UP. I really can’t imagine how long this took to do.

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Don't forget that it's not just scaling. Most video game models aren't made to faithfully represent real human bodies. This person had to take the game models and figure out how to change the various pieces so they could actually be worn, too, and how to do it in a way that it was still faithful to the original.

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What a titanic visionary. Immigrant attends Penn, MIT, and Harvard and decides he doesn't really like how architecture and design are taught and handled anywhere in the upper echelons of higher learning, and so commits his entire life to making architecture that's both awesome and accessible, interesting and functional.

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Adorable but part of my always falls apart inside when I see twins in matching outfits.

Wait, you can make Psionics synths?!

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A reliquary can also give your leader the Psionic trait, even if they are machine intelligences or synths.

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More like /r/suddenlyeu4 :)

Edit: if anyone wants to conquer the world together on either civ or eu4 pls drop me a PM and we can spread kebab. :)

We are getting lots of comets in turkey, and our 0 admin ruler cant stab up :D

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what are the odds that America and Turkey both rolled 0/0/2 monarchs at the same time? smh gotta pump up that absolutism to get anything done

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I lived in Senior House as an undergraduate. I was one of the most vocal opponents to its depopulation. I think I was quoted in every one of those news articles.

Senior House, the institution, no longer exists in the building. Please, live in 70 Amherst and make it your home and study and be comfortable. It's a wonderful building with great shared spaces that has the potential to inspire great friendship and camaraderie. You should enjoy all of those things without any guilt. You were presumably not the one who decided to sterilize the House.

Please be mindful of the fact that there are likely still some students on campus who miss it a lot and feel like their home was destroyed. Be sympathetic if you encounter them.


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