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Hello! Hoping this doesn't violate any subreddit rules. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a rental over the Christmas holiday that could accomodate a group (8-12) plus a dog or two. We will be skiing and hanging out. We're not teenagers and aren't looking for a spot for a rowdy party. About half of the group will be spending the days at kicking horse, and the rest will be snowshoeing or cross country skiing. Ideally there might be extra rooms available for rent nearby if we add on extra bodies as the dates get closer. We're ok with something pretty rustic, and aren't fixated on it being super fancy.

To summarize: a rental cabin or lodge + extra hotel rooms if able. Dog friendly. Full kitchen. Hot tub? Close to town/kicking horse. I know that's probably a bit of a unicorn rental, hence me starting now, rather than a week before Christmas.

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Have stayed there several times to board kicking horse and or lake louise. Accomadates 6 comfortably in each cabin, bring your groceries and you all set.

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Killer!!! Thanks for the input!

Wow, that's thinking ahead.

There's lots of large houses at kicking horse (on the likes of airbnb). Fairly expensive, but not too bad if there's enough of you - in the region of $100 per person per night.

It will be a bit cheaper in Golden, but its about 15 minutes from the ski resort/cross country trails. Again, I would look and see what's available on airbrb. Alternatively, the Brookside Motel has cabins.

If you go in the rural area outside of Golden, it will be even further to Kicking Horse, but you can probably find some cheaper deals. There's plenty of booking websites out there to find somewhere.

Sorry I couldn't give a more specifc recommendation. Don't worry about the subreddit rules, as nobody really uses this subreddit... and for a similar reason, don't expect too many more replies.

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Haha. That's kinda what I was expecting. I was hoping for some specific suggestions. I've prowled Airbnb pretty extensively and they're either really expensive, too small, or not dog friendly. I appreciate your input though! I'm trying to Herd a group of adults and lock them down on a plan. I'm a been a challenge. Lol

Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island. Beautiful, massive, and ancient Douglas Fir trees. Canada's infrastructure isn't particularly old, but the trees are wise.

Hello! I'm looking to pick up a pair of on-piste/groomer skis during all these spring sales. I have two other pairs of skis (all mountain & touring), that I researched to death before buying, But I live in the Rockies and ski on resorts that don't get a ton of snow each winter (Sunshine, Lake Louise, Marmot).
Anyone have any tips on identifying a great deal, and whether or not it's worth jumping on? I only want to put a few hundred dollars into a set (max $400 Canadian). Alternately, do you own a pair that you love, and would be worth keeping an eye out for? Stats: I'm 5"4, 130 lbs, moderate skier (mostly black runs) looking for a ski I can continue to learn on.

I bought a set of Volkl RTM 84s for about that price. They are a fun groomer ski. I got them new, but they were two seasons and one generation behind, so they were super cheap. All the major brands have a similar ski. You can likely find a deal on one of them.

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Sweet. Thank you. I like volkls so I'll definitely keep an eye out

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I'm selling an old 2002 Chevy Cavalier that it's finally time for me to get rid of. Still drives, but is a bit dodgy and Isnt worth repairing. I have no idea who to call or what I should be googling. Basically just want to make whatever cash I can, and have someone tow it away. Any idea where I should start?


Wherever to decide to sell it, just know that you may be able to get more money for it if you drop it off yourself rather than have them pick it up.

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Thank you!

Generally Cylinder misfires are nothing more than either a bad coil or a bad spark plug. Parts are cheap if you get them from the wrecker

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Thanks for the info! At this point I've outgrown the car and it doesn't meet my needs, even if it is driveable again. Just not worth the time and effort to repair

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The Italian market has excellent bread!

If you would like a list of phone numbers, or unsure where to start, try call 211. They can connect you with a bunch of not for profit organizations

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