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As long as they aren't ARCA Brakes he should be ok.

Cant wait for them to re-identify Richmond as an intermediate track and retro actively take it away from him just so we can hear about his 0 short tracks wins again.

Been there, done that. Happiest and simplest time of my life.

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So are any of those stock any more?

Also, I have an 06 GT with 221k on the oe clutch. Would you be able to confirm or deny that as a new world record?

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Cannot confirm if that is a record but that is impressive!

And if you mean to ask if we have anything to directly do with the production/road-going engines, no RYE does not. However, our road racing program — those engines are genuine Mustang engines specially tuned by our team for IMSA racing.

Edit: my understanding is they’re genuine Mustang engines, but purpose-built for the GT4, shipped from Ford down here and tuned by RYE. They’re different from the NASCAR engines in that they’re not RYE’s IP, but rather, Ford’s IP.

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I was just assuming since they all appear stock, yet the owners work at a world famous engine shop, that those would be some ultimate sleepers.

Wait wait wait...The Art of Racing in the Rain was actually made in to a movie?!?! Oh holy shit I'm there!

apparently... Meth

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Just a friendly rules reminder:

Solicitation - Do not request gifts, tickets or anything tangible from a r/NASCAR-verified account or team representative in posts, comments or private messages. Violators may be banned without warning.

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Moderator of r/NASCAR, speaking officially8 points · 8 days ago

To expand on this rule a little bit.

Just because Chase and XFINITYracing occasionally will randomly pop on here offering hot passes doesnt meant that they are always here for that purpose.

If and when they have a thread offering hot passes, yeah, go nuts.

If they're here just hanging out and interacting casually, be cool and don't harass them for free stuff.

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It’s the biggest short track and the smallest intermediate. Who cares about the title though because the racing is awesome. By far my favorite pavement track.

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I believe you just settled the "what is a short track" debate with that answer.

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