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I've totally tossed this idea around, I think it would be badass to be able to make cookies. Is that one that also has a double burner on top?

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I came here just to scream COOKIES! You beat me to it. I love/hate you for that. 😤😀

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The facepalm is posting this on r/facepalm. The author is apparently a 7 year old girl with a brain tumour, a small math error is insignificant compared to the attempt to get karma by exploiting the author.

The story is completely false

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In North America the PC police would end this in a second. At least the rest of the world has a sense of humour.

Right hand side "aborted fetal cells" and the middle "0.95% effective

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0 - 95% effective.


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I hate to say it but this is r/3Dprinting, everyone here is nuts. 😁


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