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I haven't finish reading the book but I made a few quick searches to see what type of appearances UR-025 would make. I was only able to find the paragraph below.

As Draik veered away from the aeldari he collided with a huge slab of armour plating and almost dropped his pistol. At first he thought he had stumbled into a piece of salvage – an abandoned bulkhead, perhaps, or a cooling tower – but then the enormous shape turned and looked down at him. It was a metal automaton – an ancient Adeptus Mechanicus war machine, with an assault cannon in place of one arm and a power claw in place of the other. He shook his head, surprised, yet again, by the strange inhabitants of Precipice. The automaton was eight or nine feet tall and it did not follow the design of any Mechanicus machinery he had ever encountered before. The thing had to be a mindless drone, but as it stared down at him through a narrow, horizontal lens in its helmet, it almost seemed annoyed with him. He laughed at the absurdity of the idea and rushed on.

Don't mind author not focusing on minor characters to make the story better but I was hoping that it would get a bigger part. Always hope for the minor characters to get a sort story or getting picked up by another author.


How's the overall quality of the book? I'm behind Hinks all the way (cos' Sigvald), but it'd be nice to hear your thoughts so far.

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Personally I liking it the Blackstone Fortress. Just having races that would normally shoot each other on site working together is very amusing. Hope they treat it like Necromunda and come back to it a few more times like the author Darius Hinks would like Black Library to do.

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