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Star Tribune or Pioneer Press editorial online will tell you who their editorial board picked and why and both have done articles on most candidates

League of Women Voters ( has online candidate forums for almost every local and state race. Requires more time investment but great for hearing every candidate answer the same questions

If you have a particular issue that’s most important to you find and advocacy group for that issue. Many will endorse a candidate

Thanks for caring, learning and voting. Good luck!

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I haven’t checked prices at the local youth clubs lately but the last time I talked with someone at the youth club associated with the galaxy it was north of $3000 a year. There’s a few pay to play leagues/clubs here in town but the one associated with the galaxy is the biggest. A lot of kids from my “part of town” or “demographic” are priced out.

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As mom to a white kid who can afford this system, I believe we can each make a change for the better by asking our clubs what they are doing to ensure inclusion and only playing for clubs that are making positive changes. We don’t need to wait for change from the top. My son is better for playing with a wide variety of kids and skill levels

It’s not about whether they’re white or black it’s just a money thing. People just can’t afford it so they don’t play

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I agree I just wanted to be transparent about who I was so folks could take my comment in context. I do think each of us who participate in the ‘pay to play’ system should push for it to include folks who can’t afford it. Why not offer a sliding scale based on what you can afford? We all benefit if more participate.

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