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Making 100 iron daggers in a row took a while...

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Leather bracers gang.

Lol how do you game on it....

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Easy just play anything that is atleast 10 years old

I wouldn't consider Minecraft to be a work of art, but more of a canvas. While by it self, it is an extremely wonderful and beautiful game, it is the community that creates the massive buildings, or extraordinary machines. This is what makes Minecraft such an amazing game. Minecraft truly has to be one of the greatest games of all time simply due to its simplicity and perfection. Other games you may get annoyed at a feature or section, but not Minecraft. I grew up playing Minecraft, and so did many others. Thank you Notch for giving us such a masterpiece.

Happy 10th Birthday Minecraft

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I only upvote people who are honest about why they upvote

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I only upvote people who comment on people being honest about why they upvote

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A game where you witnessed the murder of your girlfriend and you must find the killer. Catch is that you have a disorder that makes you unable to remember faces. The entire game would be based off using audio ques, body language, etc. The player will only see every person with the same generic face. Would put an emphasis on sounds design and detail to the environment. That would be my pitch.

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Give this guy 500 million rn.

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Me too but sometimes I feel a bit too lonely

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Yeah I will sometimes feel lonely, but then quickly realize that when I am with friends, I just want to be at home.

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Can someone translate that?

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