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What's a baseball?

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It's like... a ball. But basic. So like he is throwing an H&M themed ball. Right?

Call me Craig, 'cause I'm on that list

Drink dick like Sierra Mist

If you're down, let me take that piss

So tight, taking that fist

Honestly? A lyrical genius. Such heartfelt beautiful words.

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I thought Sierra Mist was a porn star and i googled it and I am suprised in both the result and Alaska.

Looks kind of like the witch from path of exile wearing bone armor.

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Sin effect mtx realness, crypt shade eleganza, that new nemesis mod with EK nova fantasy.

Also Catarina is literally the worst master to find in your maps?

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I dont mind her 'kill 6 corrupted corpses' and ''this thing has soul eater, feed it' quests. Wish they were the norm.

How do I deal with the corruprion architects bleed? Flasks dont work.

Why don't they work ? An antibleed one should.

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Idk, all i know is i fight him and use my bleed flask when i get hit by the blood laser he pulls out of and then die because it doesnt remove or give immunity. Happened a few times now.

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