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mi scusi

Hey as much as the epic store isnt great we need the competition. While steam is great and i prefer it over the epic store I know we need it and that steam and valve have had this monopoly to long.

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I'm holding out hope that it pushes Valve to learn how to count to 3 and start making their own games again.

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Reminds me of the Deliverance from BL2, which was a magical auto-firing shotgun that tracked enemies and exploded.

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mother of god the face on that woman on the right.... it's like something out of the walking dead.

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Her teeth are clipping through her lip.

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yup ganna buy that one, i was debating between the summer one and whatever the moon one looked like. i am decided now

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What I was thinking too. My issue with the Summer mask is it's just a recolor of Winter. The moon looks unique though, so between the two it's clear what I'd buy.

Grand Blue taught me all I need to know about diving.

I think he was starting to get it at the end there, with the guy walking by being reflected.

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