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I'm not technically minded but I have good perception and common sense and as much as I try, I cannot shake the notion that things with us, Trump and Q and co, just don't add up.

I was going to make my own post but, here my fellow moderator has given me a comfortable lead into this subject.

This isn't going to be completely coherent because I don't have the answers and the reason I don't have the answers is because we don't know what we're playing with.

All of the facts have not been revealed to us and that's why it is impossible for anyone to articulate what it is we are truly dealing with.

We have been led to believe we are in a battle with the Globalists for the hearts and minds of the undecided and of those in denial.

But are we really? Its hard to swallow when only one side of this game (Trump and Q) are controlling the evidence which in itself raises a red flag.

Of course, you have no option but to 'trust the plan' and just like a gambling addict who can't afford to lose the faith because they've invested far too much into this now to admit they are barking up the wrong tree, Q the pied piper can steer the Qsheeple in any direction Q wants.

So play devils advocate with me for 5 mins, its okay, it won't cost you anything and you can return to your default setting afterwards but just consider this....

What, if Q and co turned out at some point to be clearly leading everyone up the garden path. Yes the ramifications would be huge, but stop, just focus on this one thing that I see...

So if Q turns out to be a wrongen, where does our movement go from here on in?

Every plan needs an exit strategy, so what is ourexit strategy?

I've said this before and I'll say again here, if I were the evil one and wanted to implicate Agenda 21 for example, I would first need to soften up my target (you the people) by creating a renewed feeling of trust redirected back towards the Goverments (Goverment means to 'control your mental state', just incase anyone had forgotten).

Then because I'm evil, twisted and clever like the cia, I would have invented something called Q to have the present and future resistance break cover because they felt safe.

This then allows the evil doers, to identify and eliminate the resistance whilst the rest will fall in line and comply because of their renewed faith in the government.

If Trump is Potus, why then are the globalist deep state still operating the msm and these false flag operations. They are for all intent and purpose, civil servants who aren't doing whatever they are doing for the love of it, its a paid job at the end of tbe day, so stop paying them and then lets see if they wake up in the morning saying to themselves, " I'm rather looking forward to going to work today, because we're helping a patsy shoot dead innocent children again "

See, when you travel down the 'rabbit-holes that I do, it can get a little bit confusing and it's not a route that many can handle, so I will tell you what I do know for certain and this cuts a straight line through all the bullshit....

It's a Medusas' Head, and I don't know and refuse to put all my eggs in one basket but I do know as absolute fact, whomever is at the top now or maybe tomorrow, whatever their game is along with their game play...

....they will need the Armies and police forces of the US and the world to execute their evil plan, if they actually have one.

So just incase Donald loses the internal battle,, stop wasting your time red pilling citizens, go RED PILL the the soldiers and your local police officers like I do.

I have had conversations with police officers and said that the reason you would go against your better judgement is because you have bills to pay and children to feed and a pension to protect.

However, if Donald hasn't been compromised and does win the internal battle, then stop wasting your time in the past, start listing what your Utopia looks like and then tell them loudly because its not guaranteed that they have the same views or even the actual abilities to pull it all through to fruition, let alone the energies and time after such a hard battle against the 'deep state.'

Later I will post separately my vision of Utopia as a starter for all to add to or criticise and lets see if we can get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Note These views are soley mine only and not the views of u/Rhinoc89. Furthermore I have bothered to write this for no other reason than I give a fuck!

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I agree with you 100% my views are similar.

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