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I used to be a cable guy. This was always a fear in the back of my head. You never know what's behind the walls when you're cutting in to a cable. I'm glad you didn't get hurt.

I'm glad to see developers creating new experiences in the style of the old games of the same genre. Even if this game isn't successful it's a good feeling that there are developers trying their hand at creating a new old school experience. I'm very tempted to support this kickstarter.

Hm. I actually prefer souls mechanics a little bit more personally. I really miss the stamina bar here. Since the posture bar only influences blocking, it means you can just constantly sprint around and dodge nonstop, which feels a bit cheese at times. But yeah, I'm still having fun with this and I agree with your last sentence.

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I agree with you. I miss the stamina bar and other aspects from the souls games. I'm still having fun with Sekiro but I hope this isn't how they're going to make the rest of their games going forward. I would love for them to be able to make both types of games. I need my fashion souls and multiplayer. I'm still hoping for a Bloodborne 2.

I'm fine with it. We knew about it long long long before launch. I dktn get why people are so shocked by it lol

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I don't think people are shocked. When someone makes a post asking what you think of the game you're ultimately going to compare it to the studio's previous games. A lot of people enjoyed the player customization that came with different armor / fashion in their other games and they're just commenting that they miss that.

This is the first post to legitimately make me feel old. I was an adult when Spider-man 2 was released and it's a VHS copy at that. Great pick on your mom's part!

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