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Yeah Bush did the same thing to a lesser extent. It's called inverted totalitarianism, it relies on sensationalism to muddy the waters enough to protect fairly open corruption. I think we would need systemic change and a President like r/ElizabethWarren to actually address this level of for profit Idiocracy.

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Warren is hands-down the best candidate to address the corruption and erosion of our democratic pillars. That's why the Republicans are so scared of her.

You can't keep the deluded FOX news consumers glued to the TV unless you keep them scared and angry. Those emotions are the crucial ingredient to modern American conservatism. (Along with a healthy portion of dark-skinned types.)

That's because the entire right wing and Wall Street are terrified of Warren. She's got their number.

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Not surprising at all. American Jews are overwhelmingly liberal, and Netanyahu's government is hard right-wing.

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And the Jews in settlements, from what I have heard, are slightly unreasonable when it comes to treating Palestinians in a just manner.

I presume they mean "Evangelicals", which is not equivalent with "Christians". They are more anti-Christians.

Hey Mnuchin - don't think for a minute your wife will be faithful while you're in prison. You signed up for this.

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The only people who hate labels are the corporate profit mongers. Transparency is good for consumers.

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Then there's nothing wrong with labeling them. I personally would prefer to avoid them.

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Kasich is a decent guy as long as you keep him away from Roe v. Wade, public schools, and unions.

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